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Saying hi

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Stumbled here while trying to pass the time waiting for a tiny little piece of sleep.

So who am I? Closing in on 40, part-time-mother, full-time servant to two cats.

Been depressed probably closer to 30 years, more or less. Seeking more "actively" help for it and some other issues after few suicide attempts and a longish stay in a local psych-ward.


What I'm hoping to find here is few friendly faces. Like someone mentioned in other introductions, my support system has also shrunk from small to non-existent in the past months.


(and please forgive my weird sentences, it's 3:40 in the morning, I haven't slept in a good while, and english is not my native language)



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We try not to criticize grammar and spelling since so many of us have various learning disabilities and brain quirks.  


I'm glad you found us while you were wandering the interwebs.  Please read the User Agreement if you didn't do that when you signed up---it helps you to understand how we operate.


If you stick around, you'll soon discover that we are pro-medication and pro-therapy.  I hope you can get some professional help---it's very hard to be Mentally Interesting all by yourself.  You'll find the members here very helpful and supportive.  I hope you like hanging out with us.



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Thank you all :)

And yes, at this point of my life I tend to see the good side of medication and therapy (although it has taken a while). But as I've told myself, it's not like you would leave a broken leg or diabetes untreated either, so why would you skip helpful medication just because the illness is something you can't point your finger at?

When it comes to the mental stuff, I guess it's "what ever works".

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