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I´ve read people´s stories on voices putting them down, making them feel worthless.

I do not hear voices, but can these "entities" make you feel worthless and put you down without actually saying it? and you hearing it?


It seems like these thoughts are engrained in me. Since I was a girl, there was something that constantly would put me down, make me think I was not able to achieve things even though I was really trying. It made me feel worthless


Reading your stories about the voices it ocurred to me that I am getting the same "message" but without actually hearing it. The message gets to me anyways, but its not audible, I just sense it. Its like an energy gets into my mind.


Could it be the same thing and message, only that the message is delivered in another form, like telepathically instead of a voice?


Does this happen to you?


The same thing used to happen with the thought of harming others. It was not a voice telling me, it was an "external force", energy that would make me have the impulse

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I sort of get this. I get thought insertion, my "voices" put the thoughts in my head to harm myself/ others/ tell me im a piece of shit etc. I know it's not my own thoughts, i can kind of "feel" it coming from something else. I have had the same entity putting thoughts in my head since i was a kid, i have been told i have a kind of "Stockholm Syndrome" relationship with him because he's been a huge part of my life for so long that although i hate him, on some level i have a weird kind of love for him. Ok, that sounds weird...

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sometimes they implant devices that enable psychical communication and thought stealing so that they can critique it amongst themselves and use it against me


i'm unsure if that's really what you mean though...


i am certain that all of my experiences of that happening are viewed by mental health professionals and other people generally as being hallucinations/delusions/formal thought disorder


the only people who ever seem to agree that my explanation of what's happening to me--the causes, i mean--are others i meet who have the same or very similar diagnoses...which...unsure what that really means, but you should prolly let your care team know if it's distressing you/reducing functionality

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The same here. I know which thoughts belong to me, and which thoughts are inserted (and are not mine). Yes one gets so used to these thoughts that you end up believing they are part of you.

Melifluous: in my case there are no devices implanted. They just communicate telephatically somehow

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Is it like thought insertion? 


I remember when I was having thoughts inserted into my head, I would physically feel it happening and it could hurt too. Sometimes I would jerk my head when the thoughts were put there. 


Do you feel these are not your own thoughts? I could always tell when they weren't my own thoughts. I knew it was the sun putting the thoughts in my head, but I know what you mean about it being some outside force. It felt foreign to me.


Anyway, certainly it's something to bring up with your pdoc and your tdoc. 

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