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Back and chest pain after purging? *TW*

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I recently relapsed into my eating disorder not long ago and have had a hard time with binging and purging which I never used to do, well tonight while purging my entire upper back, shoulders and chest started aching really bad and whenever I move now I get sharp pains in my upper back around my shoulders, I know I should go to the doctor but I can't get in to see mine until friday.


I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and what I should do if anything.


Thanks for reading.



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I've had this happen before. I think that it's muscle strain. After all, purging is very hard on a body as we're asking muscular systems to do the opposite of what they are supposed to be doing - keeping food down. Muscles can strain with time and overuse as well, so depending on how frequently you're purging you could be at greater risk of that.

I know that it's so hard, but if you can avoid purging, or reduce how often you engage in it, your muscles can have a greater chance of repairing themselves. I'm glad that you're going to go to a doctor though. Feel free to let us know how that goes.

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I had those pains a lot in my worst b/p cycles, when I saw the ED nurse she told me to get them checked out at the doctors if I have them again plus I had to have an ECG. Good luck on stopping the purging.


Try and drink something with electrolyes in, dioralyte sachets are good or a sports drink. Plus if you're purging regularly you should be having weekly blood tests to check your potassium etc xx  

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My personal opinion is to go to the ER? Its amazing what damage bulimia and so forth can course! I had to realised the hard way!!! Including multiple surgery"s! But as i always do, your body should not hurt naturally!!! So be proactive. Go to the ER be honest and not ashamed at all! its more common then we know (sadly) But by being proactive and self assured is your start afresh and start you recovery!!!! xxxxxx

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