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Pdoc has stopped my meds

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Ok so basically, I've been on a number of meds including lactimal, seroquel, mitrazapine, onlanazpine, Prozac and lithium. I've been ok on them until they have been increased and then I've started having side effects.

3 weeks ago my GP advised me to stop taking lithium after some pretty serious side effects. Since then my pdoc (who by the way is a Y1 junior doc) said they would put me on a new mood stabiliser, the consultant had also said this. Then she said an antidepressant.

Today I've gone to my appointment. They have taken me off all medication, I've got bipolar 2 and at the minute unmedicated. I am fairly sure I am in the middle of a manic phase, or at least I was.

I cried all the way through my appointment. I begged them to not leave me unmedicated, as I am a single mum and I also look after my gran who has Alzheimer's. I told them I need to be able to function and without some form of medication I don't think I can do it.

They gave me some diazepam a week or so ago but then said they wouldn't give me any more. I agreed and sad I don't want to be on it long term. I asked for some olanzapine to get me out of this manic phase but they said no. I begged her for anything for the mood and said I would put up with the side effects. But she said no. I don't abuse drugs legal or illegal and I don't smoke. I can't understand why. But when I was leaving she said do you want a few diazepams???? So I said no I want a mood stabiliser.

The pdoc said I was being prescribed talking treatment. A psychologist. But she said she couldn't tell me how long the referral would take. I won't be seeing them again for another 3 months, so they can assess how I have been feeling.

She said I needed a social worker but again I said no, when I am medicated I can function just fine. I also work full time.

When I left I was devastated. I had already cried all the way through the appointment. Then I sat in the car and cried. Now I haven't stopped crying since I got home. I feel like I'm in a mixed state now, I feel like there's no point, I haven't got anything to look forward to. I just feel like there's no point.

How am I going get through this. Can anyone help?

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I am sorry to hear about all your pain and suffering. It sounds like you need to just get rid of this pdoc. A pdoc who just rips you off of all your meds at once and doesn't try to prescribe a new one is VERY careless in my opinion. For bipolar 2, meds and talk therapy are needed, not just talk therapy alone. The chemicals in your brain needs help being regulated. 


I think you should honestly find a new pdoc and start clean. Try to find a pdoc by looking online. Read about their experience and if there are reviews from their patients, be sure to read them too. 


You deserve to feel better and to be treated the right way. 


Also, make sure that when you do have a pdoc, that your pdoc and GP are on the same page. 

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Make no mistake, you have been screwed over by either an incompetent or indifferent medical staff. I know you are very distraught (and rightly so) and with your kids, mother, and work I realize you only have about a whole 45 seconds a day to yourself.  But it is time to start working the phone and writing letters.  These medical people have supervisors, the local system has administrators who sit over it, it is time to get their names, numbers, and email & snail mail address and work them till you get what you need because they cringe at the very notion of having to take another call from you.


In an ideal world, your immediate med team would tend to you, but the sad fact is that if you leave your health entirely in the hands of medical staff, you will not get much better and will more than likely get worse.  The analogy I use is that you have to get on the phone and email and make calls and complaints just like you would if you hired a plumber and he screwed everything up.  And the sheer hell of it all is that you are going to have to do this while you are feeling miserable.  


This is the part where the you must learn to be your most fierce advocate.  Taking the med and making the appointments, sadly, isn't enough, you have to ride heard on the establishment as if they were an incompetent, local road repair department.  You've got to stay on top of them to make sure the pot holes get fixed as soon as possible, before the whole road goes straight to hell.



(You probably aren't, but just in case you are well off financially, get a lawyer to handle all of this.  But almost none of us are in the position, I only bring it up "just in case".)

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This makes no sense to me at all.  Why would they take you off ALL of your meds?  EVen if you have 'talking' treatment, you need your meds.  Did they have you stop cold turkey?


I can't tell who it was that took you off - the GP or the PDOC?  Is there another doctor in each practice you could call?  Or, find another PDOC or GP who is on your insurance.  Tell them it is an emergency.  THis sounds very incompetent to me.  If you were having side effects from the meds, why didn't they just lower the dose?


Another idea, make an emergency appointment with one of the two and bring someone with you.  Someone who can talk some sense into these people.  It is like they took away your life raft and told you to tread water for 3 months.  No wonder you are upset.  And why didn't they take you off one at a time? 


I am so sorry. What a fcking drag. Remember, one day at a time. YOu will get thru this.  Keep breathing. 

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I am baffled! I can't believe the incompetence of some doctors' out there! I agree with what everyone else has said. Time to find a new doc ASAP. Worse comes to worse a trip to the ER may be in order so they can get you back on meds and keep you stable. I'd be calling every Tom, Dick and Harry and making my voice heard about what they've done to you! Right up to the medical board if you have to. They can't just prescribe talk therapy to someone with BP and leave them unmedicated! 


In the mean time, take it one step at a time......

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I agree with everyone above. Bipolar won't go away without meds, and in fac tit won't go away with meds either bt the meds will make it manageable. Besides, if you stop cold Turkey you can get nasty side effects. You really need to find a new pdoc, and if you're stable, file a formal complaint against this doctor. First thing you need now is medication. Is there somethign like a crisis team wher eyou lvie tha tyou can call to speak to a psychiatric resident or psychiatrist as needed? The ER may be another option but my experience is they don't know shit about mental health.

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wow, that does sound highly irresponsible and unprofessional...it's one thing to have a plan to taper down or off meds with your medical team, but to just have it sprung on you...good lord.  i agree with everyone else; get new everythings, as quickly as you can, and don't hesitate to go the emergency department if the need arises.  you have to be proactive because you're a care-giver...cry all you need to (who wouldn't? i know i would!) but don't stop advocating for yourself!

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I would get a second opinion. The only reason why they'd do this that I can think of is they have concluded you have something different from BP. I think if they changed your dx to unipolar depression they would tell you. They might think you have BPD. They don't always tell the patient when that is suspected. Either way, whenever dx is in question, getting a second opinion is a good idea.

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Pdocs should know that psychiatric meds can´t be stopped cold turkey, they HAVE to be tapered off slowly.

I know that psychiatric meds can bring a lot of side effects, some of them dangerous (I just went to my endocrinologist today, because, with olanzapine I became prediabetic with no family history of diabetes). My endocrinologist didn´t tell me to quit olanzapine, even with my high blood sugars. She told me that my mental stability was first, and that she would take some actions to control my physical symptoms (caused by psychiatric meds).


Can these serious side effects (mentioned in your post) be treated by your GP, if not, can you switch medications and look for the ones with least side effects.

If these docs don´t help, can you go to another doctor????


The only time my pdoc made me quit my olanzapine, I relapsed very badly. Be careful

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I agree with all the posters above.  I don't have much more to add other than what is written. 


I'd find a new pdoc and maybe GP (if s/he agrees with pdoc to strip you of meds).  Or at least get a second opinion like mcjimjam said.  I would be screwed if my pdoc stripped my meds, especially without tapering.  For me, not being on meds can be a safety issue (personal and otherwise).  I become so psychotic without meds I don't know what I do, and don't even remember after something happens.

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Why is it that almost every time I hear a story like this about teatment that makes me want to punch a hole in the wall...that person is in the UK?

It's amazing to me that there hasn't been an absolute shit-storm over the NHS's piss-poor mental health care.

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Did you ask what their reasoning was behind this? You do have a right to know. So please ask and find out and ask them to explain their reasoning to you. If they are unwilling to work with you, I would start looking around for a new doctor.


It's your health and you have to advocate for yourself.

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Hey everyone thanks for all the advice and posts. I am still fairly 'up there' at the moment so I am going to try and sort out this whole mess before I dip and sink back into a deep depression. 


I am in the UK and helenllama you are right the Year 1 Doctor is only doing what she has been told to do by the consultant. I have not met this consultant. Ever. my first consultant left earlier this year and since 'making progress' I have only ever been seen by juniors. The current junior leaves next week. 


Let me skip back a little, I started the lithium in September, usual side effects sickness etc, coming and going but then gradually getting worse. Mid October I ended up in the emergency doctors with severe pain in my side, they found blood in my urine and suggested kidney stones. I was given antibiotics in case of an infection. I called my GP and had to redo a urine test. It came back clear, no infection, no kidney stones. She said she felt it was side effects to lithium and recommended I reduce slightly my dose, until I had seen the Pdoc, which is what I did. The vomiting and runs both stopped. 


I saw the Pdoc, she said I had an urine infection, I told her my GP had done two tests and both were clear of any infection. I said I had reduced my dose and was feeling a little better. She went to consultant who said that I wasn't taking enough lithium for it to be effective and should stop taking it. I was given 5 5mg diazepam tablets until my appointment the following week. 


The following week I got the appointment date wrong, so they rescheduled it for the following Monday. I was told to ring the crisis team for any further medication. When I called they said they were not able to prescribe any medication until I had been seen by the pdoc. To get me through the weekend, if I was feeling anxious or unstable to take deep breaths. Imagine breathing in blue and exhaling red air. I did that. 


Monday morning, the clinic called, my Pdoc has been in a accident they have to cancel my appointment. They cant tell me when she will next be in. I will have to wait for another appointment to come through. I said I was feeling very very anxious and was starting to feel hyper. A consultant called me at the end of the day, I asked for some onlanzapine or the new mood stabliser which they had said I would be starting that week. He said he didn't want to interfere with the Pdoc actions, and no he wasn't comfortable giving me olanzapine, but he would give me a weeks supply of diazepam which I could take throughout the day as well as at night. It wouldn't last me until the next appointment but I knew if I rationed my tablets I could get through until the appointment yesterday. 


Yesterday I was a wreck. Today is my first day without any treatment. I have absolutely nothing in the house not even sleeping tablets. So tonight is going to be fun. I did ask if my diagnosis had changed she said I still have bipolar II but she didn't want to call it bipolar II, She wanted to refer to it more as a mood disorder which can be treated with talking therapy alone. So who knows what the hell is wrong with me. I haven't seen the consultant so I am not sure if they can change your diagnosis without seeing you first. I am very confused. 


I called my friend last night who is a therapist and she met me for coffee this morning, I asked her if she thought I had BPD she said I have no traits, she did say that it might seem to them I wont engage because I have in the past refused to talk about being raped. But that was only because the Pdoc changes every 8 weeks I dont want to go round in circles talking to different ones all the time, you cant build a trusting relationship with someone to talk to them about something I have never told anyone. Only the police, because I had to make a statement about it. 


I guess I just thought, that medication alone would help, but I guess I am wrong. I have scheduled an appointment for next week with the Pdoc and I will just have to do everything they say and I guess beg some more, for some medication to help until the psychologist appointment comes through. I just hope the depression doesn't come before then. 

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gosh, what a complicated and confusin

totally frustrating


I do NOT understand this either / or thinking


I certainly understand why you don't want to discuss  the rape with a revolving

crew of baby docs


and how can someone, this consult, who does not spend time with you, hos can HE

know what is best for you?


perhaps they decided that you need therapy to discuss what happened to you

but that should not mean that you are taken off medications


and what in the hell does it mean if you are bipolar but they don;t want to call it bipolar??

what does that mean?

in the states at this point I would consider making a formal complaint

I think you should


easy for me to write this, I am not in the UK and don't understand the system


all I know is that the squeaky wheel gets the grease

be assertive

hang in there

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