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Do you lock up your meds?


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I was grilled by a relative yesterday about my pill bottles.  She saw a commercial where a mother morphs into her kid taking her med.  I am not concerned about my girl but about her friends.  What if they downed my whole bottle of aplenzin? Hubby said, 'if they are stupid enough to take them...".  I don't care about that.  It is my house.  My responsibility.  And even if you don't have kids, people visit with children, nieces, nephews, grandkids. 


Right now my daily meds are in the kitchen and all others are in a drawer in my bedroom. My concerns are remembering to take the meds and leaving my migraine meds in a easily accessible place.  Hubby has synthroid in the kitchen.  He hid his testosterone. 


Does anyone use a lockbox? What about the key?  Do you put all your meds in the box? What is wrong with my drawer in the bedroom?


Also I have motrin sinus, aspirin, benadryl, cough syrups, advil pm, etc. under the sink.  Aren't those just as dangerous?


Curious about your concerns, your solutions, your thoughts.  



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I used to when I was in college, now not really, the only people who could take it are my brothers, and If they take it they must really really really need it or they would never. 


I bought a little safe with a keypad it was expensive around $90 and it was a hassle unlocking and locking.

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I was grilled by a relative yesterday about my pill bottles.  She saw a commercial where a mother morphs into her kid taking her med.


Do you put all your meds in the box? What is wrong with my drawer in the bedroom?



Seems to me the only thing wrong here is people feeling they have the freedom to interrogate you whenever they see fit.  I've got a lock on my front door, it keeps out all the people I don't trust around my meds.  As far as raising my kids go, I think I might be in a slightly more informed position than a relative who saw some PSA ad and that is the girth and birth of their understanding.    


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I am in a psych hospital so the staff hav emy meds. Wouldn't want to go on self-management anyway, cause I need someone to remind me to tak emy meds. However, it does get annoying with the PRN ones. I think you could put them i a lockbox and have the key with you at all times.

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Lock them up. You won't be sorry. 


I'm not sure if you know about my pain meds being stolen. Twice. Both times, they were locked up. Now, they're in a safe in a closet that is locked and anything dangerous or subject to abuse goes in the box. Teenagers are stupid. They just are. It has nothing to do with their IQ. It has everything to do with being a teenager. Kids aren't going to know that a handful of amitriptyline will kill them dead. They may know what the stimulants and pain pills will do but they still lack judgement. Heck, if two make you feel good then 10 will make you feel even better. Stupid kids. 


Sometimes you do have to worry about your own kids but you don't know it. Sometimes it starts on a lark and ends in the ER. We've done that. I've also told other parents what is going on. One set of parents had no idea that their pain meds were taken until I told them. Booze disappears too. At this point, I lock up everything. Even vitamins. It isn't worth the risk. I was talking to one mom about her son that stole a bunch of my pain pills. She had the NERVE to ask me where I kept them. Nothing about her kid committing a FELONY. I told her smug ass that they were locked up and her little "angel" picked the lock. If it happens at your house you're going to be blamed. Whether or not you did anything wrong. Go get a GOOD safe. I got one at Costco and they got into that one as well. I've got a damn good safe now. It can't be picked. We have replaced the door knob to a closet with a locking door knob. We have pins in the hinge so that even if they try to take the door off that way, they still won't be able to get in. I guess they could get a saw and saw through the door and then take a drill and try to get in the safe that way. I hope we'd notice before they got very far with that plan. I also have other places I can put meds so that they aren't in the house. It's a total PITA but it works.


If it happens at your house, you're going to be blamed. It's as simple as that. Protect yourself. 

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Wow sylvan! I can't believe that lady had the nerve to try to blame you when her son picked the lock and committed the felony. Ugh.

Anyways I agree that getting a lock box or safe is the way to go. My meds are monitored by the county so I only get so many at a time. They have my med bottles now. I feel safer that way.

We used to lock the safe we have with the meds in there and my husband would lay out a days worth.

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I absolutely agree with the teenagers being stupid argument. I have extremely bright kids, yet each of the older three has taken pills from either me or my ex-husband. They are just that stupid. They also have stupid friends that may try to take pills of any sort.

I have a safe with a keypad. So far it seems to keep everything out of reach of people who shouldn't be reaching. I keep everything in there- meds, cold medicine, NyQuil, etc. The only thing I leave out is acetaminophen and ibuprofen, because it's pretty obv to everyone that they don't get anyone high. I have kept that locked up in the past when one of the kids was depressed and suicidal, but we are past that.

If I lived alone, with few visitors, I would prolly just leave the bottles on the table.

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As a child, I would steal extra Flinstones chewable vitamins.

At fourteen I tried to overdose on ibuprofen. Nobody knew about this incident until I was seventeen.


Those are just OTC medications. Had there been anything stronger than ibuprofen in our medicine cabinet, had there been more ibuprofen in the bottle than there was, I can just imagine the mess my mother would have come home to. And it doesn't matter how high you put the medications: once a child is old enough to figure out how to get onto the counter to get at the snacks, a child is old enough to climb into any cupboard to get at the yummy candy vitamins or grape cough syrup, banana flavoured antibiotic, etc. One of my prescribed medications smells like orange tic tacs. Abilify looks like green chalk candies. Your child may be educated in not touching your medication and the reasons for not taking medication that isn't theirs, but visiting children may not be.


So if there's a child around? You can be certain I'm locking my medication up.


As the only people in my house now are my mother and I, both fully grown adults, I don't feel it necessary to hide my medications. My mother, on the other hand, when I am manic will hide her antidepressants so I can't stupidly decide I'd like to prolong my manic episode (never have, but she worries).

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When my second wife was living with me, I kept my meds locked up in one of my gun safes, (she would actually try to get into them with a screw driver while I was at work, instead of using the angle grinder, or the oxyacetylene rig (idiot).  When almost anyone else is coming over, into the safe they go, all of them, because I don't want them all snatch in the hopes that they might get "the good ones".  


I know kids steal things, my nephew stole kolonopine from me that his mother said was locked in her car .  His father has stolen so much from over $10K (crackhead) that I honestly have no idea how much it really is.  


My son came to live with me after an incident with his mother where he took some money and she was just at the end of her rope, that was over four years ago.  Could my son take any and or all of my meds, yes he could.  As a matter of fact, I've shown him the ones that will get him high and the ones that will kill him the quickest.  I've explained how the pills work (it was a day long, homeschooling biology/pharmacology lesson).  I told him people take them because they not only "feel good" but a lot of people are fucked up with pain and misery and are looking for an escape.  (His crackhead uncle and dunce of cousin, serve as two ultra clear object lessons.) One won't kill you, probably won't addict you.  It might even make you feel good.  This many is almost sure to stop your respiration.  After this many, you'll most likely lose count and won't be able to think straight.  


Also, I've let him know how other teens are interested in them, and the consequences of him taking them and also the probable odds of me finding out. (Also, if he let other kids know, it will be just a matter of time before the junkies are trying to break in.)


I also explained that I just couldn't get as many of them as I wanted.  And that if he took them and I had less or none to take, that would mean I would get sick and sufferer.  I didn't explain this in an abstract way, I told him graphically and explicitly.  He has seen me very sick before, he understands my suffering.


Thinking that your safe is "safe" is (excuses for being blunt) delusional. If you got it at Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Office Max or any place like that, what you have is a two hundred pound high school locker with a built-in pad lock.  Anything with a door or lock was designed to open.  With his mechanical ability, the tools in the house, and the info on the internet, he could be in any of the safes within two to three hours.  Safes are only made to keep out honest people and slow down the determined.


But then again, I'm the parent who taught his 16 year old to hand load the ammo for the S&W .357mag he got for his birthday.  


Its not just about trust, its education and experience.  Do I lock up the keys to the car?  No, I teach him how to drive it and make sure that he know that its best if he only does it under my supervision. (That's the major lesson)  Did I give him the talk about booze and drugs, yes?  Do I lock up my beer, nope.   With massive amounts of supervision, education, and training, the things an older teen can do are quite different than we've been lead to believe.  At 18, McDonalds doesn't trust the kid to work the fry machine, but the military knows that with training, supervision, and a sense of belief in one's self that comes from self esteem, they are capable of operating a $60 million tank.  


Education, openness, and supervision, or "just say no" and abstinence?  


Every kid is different, parents do the best they can, none of us can see the future.


As his parent, I made the decision that I would raise him with emphasis on self confidence, self reliance, the belief that I was an asset not an obstacle, and that he would leave me to go forward into the world and make the life he chose, not limited by the handful of paths offered.  I am aware that doing things this way, in the short term, I might decrease his immediate physical safety, but my job as a parent is to work myself out of a job..


"Son, I just want you to know, if you're ever driving around at night and for some reason you have a dead clown in the trunk, keep calm, obey the traffic laws, and call me.  We'll work something out."

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No, I don't lock them up, but have them really hidden well, despite living in a 1 BR apartment.  What I also do is keep other ones out (like extra ones in pill bottles) kind of laying out in plain view, so if someone were to break into my apartment and see meds, they'd take hopefully take those instead of the other ones.  I have stuff hidden in 2 separate places.


Now that I've written this, knock on wood that no one tries to break in!

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I would definitely lock up any narcotics or at least keep them hidden and not in the medicine cabinet. Even Tylenol 2, 3 and 4 (with codeine). Benzo's, barbiturates, opiates, amphetamines. I friend of mine had a baby sitter nabbing 5 pills each month of her morphine prescription! She kept it in the medicine cabinet. Also if you lose any schedule II's your screwed! They won't renew them until the next time!  

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Thank you SO much everyone.  There is much information here and of course, lots of disagreement.  At the moment all I can think about is the dead clown in the car. :-}


Hubby came home yesterday with an empty chocolate box to put them in.  heh.  not much different from leaving them out in the open.


My kid is educated but her friends are not and she is, unlike her mom, very very social.  So there are kids here all the time.  Mostly girls, sometimes boys.


sylvan and eldorado - thank you for sharing your stories at length.  You give me perspective on both ends of the scale.  Like everyone else, I guess we have to do what works for us and what is safe for our girl and her friends.


Discomposed - I am very grateful for your honesty. I did wonder about the ibuprofen.  Hubby, a teacher, scoffed at the idea that the kids would go for over the counter meds, but I KNEW he was wrong.  Nice to have proof.


IndieVisible - never thought about the babysitter, thank gosh my girl is a teenager now and will be the babysitter.


wj74 - exactly, that is what I am worried about.  Forgetting to take the meds.  But then I came up with a good idea - put EMPTY bottles on the kitchen table to remind me.


Good scheme Melissa.  :-}


Dedoubt - that is what I was thinking about - safe with keypad.  And I had one!!  A real live fire proof small safe impossible to break into, very expensive.  And I gave it away 14 years ago.  


Confused and Mcjimjam - kids can climb.  kids do climb.  Also, adults climb.


Wonderfulcheese - just laying out the days worth seems like a good solution.  If I do it at night, when no one is coming over, the pills will be gone before anyone comes over in the morning.



I guess it is not on;ly the kids we have to worry about.  What about a depressed friend who decides to take my whole bottle of Lexapro?  I can't ever imagine anyone doing that but I am sure Sylvan did not imagine the length that those boys would go to to steal meds.  I think I had a friend once who took my hubby's bottle of Percocet from his hip replacement.  There were only a couple in the bottle but it disappeared.  And she would have had to go searching through my underwear drawer.  I never confronted her about it.  JUst remembered that story now.

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I used to have a working fireproof lockbox but apparently a kid must have slammed it one too many times or thrown it, who the hell knows around here. So the hinges are now broken. That's where I would put them if I were to lock them up. My benzos are next to my bed.

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I used to drink cal pol medicine it's basically paracetamol that tastes of strawberry http://www.superdrug.com/calpol-infant-suspension-strawberry-flavour-100ml/invt/184195


all the time when i was a kid, i would sneak into the fridge and drink it. My mother would have hit the roof if she'd known about it.


I don't lock up my qutiapine because no children ever visit our home so it's not a worry and like most things i have to look for them every night as im not very organized and forget where i put them. I recently hid all my old meds because i was a risk to myself.

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