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Oh, the walk past the liquor aisle in the grocery store. My heart starts racing, anticipating. and my brain scans everything I walk past..what liquor is on sale..what holiday drinks might be nice. A little relief. Just a few..and a little bit more..

Then my brain plays tricks on me. "You don't have a problem! It's just a little winter wine. A lot of moms drink wine". Ha! Then, thankfully my wise mind comes back and realizes "I had a problem that still persists. It always starts with a little. Most moms don't drink wine ALL DAY".

I want to hear how others deal with urges. I think I'm just looking for validation. To hear from others that urges suck, and are difficult at times. That is all.

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Hey Teacup,


I'm sorry you've been struggling. I've been having a lot of urges recently myself, some for drinking. You seem to be keeping on top of yours! But yeah, they suck a lot, and just remember that it's not worth it to drink, and it's not going to work out while you still have a problem.

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The part you wrote about it always "starting with a little" resonates with me.  The urge can start out as a subtle, passing set of thoughts and feelings but then it can easily grow.


For the record, urges do suck big time.  The mind is an expert at making excuses, too.  It helps me to try to have a plan ahead of time about what I will do instead of having a drink.  Somedays I end up giving in but on other days, I can take a bath, cruise CB, and realize that I don't need to drink.


Keep up the fight.  Sometimes you have to "urge surf" and observe what is behind the craving and deal with the ugly feelings you might not want to feel.  It's hard, and it's a process.

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