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I need a reason not too...


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I haven't si'ed in almost a month and am wanting to do it just go the simple fact that i miss it. I have no real reason why i would want to, but i do. I'm not really having a real urge but it's just a habit that i do it when i can't sleep, and i have only been getting about four or five hours sleep a night cause I don't feel tired till like 4 am and I've been waking up at 9 am.

I am currently off my meds but see my new pdoc tomorrow for the first time. I feel tired during the day but it seems like as soon as the sun sets i have this burst of energy and want to be up cleaning and organizing and i know if i cut I'll be able to sleep.

So what can i do to help me settle down instead of cutting?

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Hi panda.


I hope you had a safe and restful night.


Pinned up at the top of the forum is a big long list of things to try instead of self harm. You might find some useful ideas there.

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