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So... I started Abilify a few months ago; took it for one month and felt substantially better... lost my insurance and went off it, which was utter hell. Got back on it (originally taking 2mg) and my pdoc upped me to 3 since I'd only seen a moderate benefit so far..


that was 10 days ago or so... I thought the 3mg was helping even more right away, but maybe not... the last several days I've been almost back where I was. Less overall depression I guess, but crying spells and unbelievable irritability, anger and annoyance. ZERO patience, every little thing makes me want to rip someone's head off. Everyone is a "slow, stupid asshole idiot." 


WTF? Could Abilify possibly have pooped out this quick, or maybe I need a higher dose? Does it create a tolerance? Even still that seems fast.


Or could this be a more manic (agitated, dysphoric obviously) thing? At 3 mg seems unlikely but who knows...


Side note... this is EXACTLY how I act (minus the crying spells) when I don't take my lamictal; so much I've checked and double checked that I actually took it.



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At lower doses (under 10 mg), Abilify makes me hypomanic. I became hypomanic on only 5 mg. It's possible that you are experiencing something like that. Either way, I think you should call your pdoc and report your symptoms. 


I hope Abilify ends up working out for you though, it's done wonders for me. 

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I have found that under 10 mg, Abilify made me horribly nervous and irritable plus it didn't really work for me. When I hit 10 mg, it began to work wonderfully.


Unfortunately, I think that many people give up on Abilify who would otherwise benefit from a higher dose.

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