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Greetings and Thanks you

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So glad to find this wonderful space. Am a 64 year old female who has suffered from Dysthymia for over 40 years and is so thankful to find a place where someone GETS IT !! Chronic low grade depression can eat away at a human the same way the river eats away at the bedrock of the riverbed. Have felt so alone and isolated for so long. Therapy helps, but they can't teach therapists what it feels like inside and where your head really goes when you live in the darker spaces all the time. If ONE hasn't felt it, it's really not comprehensible.  It is so awesome to be able to take my mask off, if even just for a few minutes while I post and read others posts about what, when, where and how they are coping or not coping. To have a cyber community is so special. Thank you for being here.

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Welcome to our happy home.  I ask all new members to read the user agreement---it avoids misunderstandings later on.


You'll be happy to know that there are several of us in your age group:  I'm one of them!  I hope you enjoy getting to know us.  This is a really supportive bunch of people.



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