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Before medication yes, I felt possessed, had emotions that were not mine, my voice sounded different, I made threats to peoples lives and had sick impulses. It came out of my mouth and I couldnt help it. I think when I eat and gain wright I become a different persob like there is someone else inside of me. when I dream and look in the mirror its a different person so part of me feels that that is who is inside of me. Might want to bring in up with your pdoc, I haven't felt that since june though.

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i don't think my Voices talk through me, per se...but They do write through me, if that makes sense. They have Their own journal and often write epic poems about Their lives and experiences. Some enjoy having art therapy...One really really really loves spirals.  

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Do you ever get another entity speaking through your voice?  Like a voice that is actually physically talking through you?


Yes.  When I was unmedicated, other "people" spoke through me to others all around the world through music.  The "person" would tell me what to say and I'd say it out loud or through music to whomever the message was for. 


I believed I was the universal person with whom everyone could communicate through (almost everyone; some people didn't have the power to do this through me).  So I hardly slept because I had to keep up with the world; when I slept people couldn't communicate with others, unless I kept music on while I slept, and my ears were "turned on."  But it wasn't in my power to turn them on; someone who was monitoring me 24/7 would have that power.

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