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i hear Voices...inside and out of myself

i've seen one or two of Them manifest in the physical world before

i've an idea of Who some of Them are


there is One who isn't quite a Voice, tho'

i mean, She is but isn't

She is the Little Girl from all those years ago that he thought to do anything and everything to

She screams and i don't know how to comfort Her

whenever i try to provide physical comfort...touching, holding, hugging...it burns Her, burns me


if i have to be around Her for an extended period of time i end up in the fetal position in either a closet or a corner or some such small space


so...is She a Voice? is she...dare i ask...an Alter? i dunno

is it even important to know?

isn't it more important to acknowledge, comfort as best i can?

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I'm sorry that you are unable to comfort her. :( That must be very hard. 


It sounds like this is very distressing to you, so it's worth bringing up to your pdoc and tdoc. 


I have an inner child, I like to call her little girl. She's not an alter really, and I don't consider myself multiple in any way. She doesn't have a voice, but I do feel her crying, which makes me cry. So I kind of know what you mean. It's very difficult to explain. 


I'm fuzzy when it comes to this kind of stuff though, hopefully someone more knowledgeable can chime in. 


Are you diagnosed with a psychotic disorder?

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Every once in a while i hear crying as well but I've never attached any emotion to it for some reason.  Perhaps it's the meds or my emotional level.  My voices usually bring me discomfort and frustrate me more then sway my outward appearance.  I'm glad you're talking to your doc about it.

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