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When I try to text my fingers shake so bad it's really hard.  My SO is getting annoyed that I don't text all the information about whatever we're talking about like I used to.  When I was hypomanic I had text diarhea so that's kinda what he's used to.  


Any idea if exercising my hands more will help?  Or more water?  or anything?  I know there is medication but I'd like to try something else first, besides, I don't see the pdoc until 11/26.

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I second the suggestion of beta blockers. I take propranolol on occasion and used to take it regularly. It made my hands much more steady. 


The stuff is so good at steadying the hands that they test for it at shooting completions, archery, rifle, in the Olympics.

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You can get a stylus for texting. I am just completely unable to text, and I get so frustrated and pissed, if I just use my fingers. My husband got me this little stylus. They're inexpensive, so I have one in my bag, one with the phone whenever possible, one in my coat pocket. I am seriously pissed if I look for one and can't find one.

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