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Head banging

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I have a problem with head banging when I'm really overwhelmed. I had not done this in several months but this morning I had an episode and curled up in a corner and started beating my head against the wall again. Its really embarrassing and scary to me becausr its something I haven't done in so long. Its very hard to resist because I feel out of control and in the moment I dont feel how hard I am hitting myself. I'm very scared of doing damage becausr I have had several concussions and nerve damage from head banging.

I'm curious if anyone elses self injury manifests as head banging and how you overcome it. I really dont want to do it anymore, its from mindless moments. I'm wondering if and how other people overcome this.

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Have you taken a look at any of the pinned threads at the top of the board for ideas of what to do instead of head banging? 


I used to engage in hitting myself on my head with my hands instead of cutting. It was really hard to quit because it felt like it was somehow "less severe" than cutting. 


I have found that when I feel out of control, I need to do something high energy to get rid of the pent up frustration and negative energy. So, I would so jumping jacks, sit ups, I'd dance around my room, go for a brisk walk, run around etc. 


Do you think you could try some form of exercise instead of head banging? Something really intense and high energy? 


I'm sorry you ended up banging your head. I understand being scared, especially when you have had complications from SI before. I hope you can be kind to yourself right now. You must have been feeling pretty bad. Take care of yourself right now. 


Do you have a tdoc? Are you able to talk to them about how to avoid banging your head in the future? 

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I read a few, I buys I'm wondering how to get in the moment, its so impulsuve and sudden so I'm not usually thinking, I'm usually talking or minding my business then in the middle of what I'm doing the tension mounts and I stop thinking and I hit my headand someone usually has to hold me down to stop. I'm wondering how to reel myself back in so I know what I'm doing or how to stay present so I can stop before I do it. I don't mean to but I think I have bad impulse. Thank you though, the suggestions are really good for when I am back in my own head again. I think like you it was a way that was less "negative" than cutting. More soothing too because its rhythmic, I rock a lot, grimace, hit, pull hair, its to get agitation out from overestimulation I think but its very impulsuve and I dont know yet how to stay in control. sometimes akasthisia from mefication makes it worse. Its harder to stop than cutting I think.

I will try to find alternatives though, its this agitation I get when I'm overwhelmed after a while I stop thinking. Something high energy is a good idea, I have psychomotor agitation and it gets violent when I'm overwhelmed. Needs diversion. I'm still waiting for a new tdoc, I stopoed going to iop this week to but I will bring it up when I can. I hadn't had any sort of si in months so I'm just kind of worried bad habits are coming back. Thank you

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Hmm, yeah it is really challenging to change the behavior in the moment that it's happening. I completely agree that when you're out of control, it's really hard to stop. 


Do you have any kind of warning signs that you are about to bang your head? You said "the tension mounts." What about if, when you feel that tension mounting, you call for help? Or, remove yourself from somewhere you can bang your head? Or you could start to say calming things to yourself?


Is there anything else you find soothing? 


I'm trying to think of something soothing and rhythmic, but all I can think of right now is rocking back and forth. I personally like to rock back and forth. 


I hope you don't end up banging your head again, I'd be very worried about the effects of that. Make sure your doctor (pdoc and/or gdoc) knows about these head banging episodes so that they can direct you to the emergency department if they think you might have a serious head injury. 

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I banged my head as a kid from like 8 years old until I was 13/14.  I worry that I may have done damage to my brain because I had chronic migraines diagnosed when I was 16.  I honestly can't remember how I stopped because that time in my life was filled with a lot of trauma and I was really disassociated.  I have banged my head a couple times as an adult, hard enough that my partner at the time was concerned that I would do real damage.   Both times I was on medication (not psych medication) that really messed with my head and made me really uncontrollable.  I stopped the medication, and haven't done it since. 


I wish I could be of more help to you in stopping because head banging was a really scarry thing for me.  I still worry about how I may have hurt myself and that motivated me to fess up and tell my psychiatrist about it. 

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I have done this as well. My husband had to hold me down. I wanted to cut but as he was holding me down I banged my head over and over agaib very hard against the cabinets in the bathroom. I don't think I did any damage thankfully. I can see where it would be easy to think this is less severe than cutting. Really they are both dangerous.

I hope you get help for your head banging. I never told anyone about when I did it.

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