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Saphris, Asenapine and vaginal insertion.

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Hey everyone, I am brand new here : )

I have diagnosed schizoaffective disorder, which is severe. I am only 23, and spent most of 2 years in a psychiatric hospital here in Perth, Western Australia.

I've been on a lot of anti-psychotics, and I mean a lot. But a lot has made me gain weight. It was about 6 months ago I went back on Saphris or known as Asenapine. 

Seriously, this drug is an absolute dream. I have never felt so fantastic in my life. I am content, functionable, happy and have been stable now for 6 months since going on it. Very stable and getting on with my life, I finally was able to start working again after nearly 3 years being unable, and hoping to get back into University next year, or atleast a mild side of studying.

I do not feel sedated in anyway on Saphris, and my thinking and brain function is back to it's old self. It is a fantastic feeling. 

But I administer my Saphris a little differently, well, I've just started to.

In Australia we are unable to receive the black cherry flavour, which I've even queried about it through my doctor who knows the rep. But there are just not enough people on it to bring it here. So for the past months I've been trying my hardest to take it every single night, 20mg under my tongue.. But after sometime, I just cannot stand to do it again.

I'd skip days of it to avoid it, which isn't good. So I questioned this to my wonderful psychiatrist about another way of administering it. And he said perhaps try to take it vaginally. As he is a doctor, he said there are blood vessels there just like under your tongue and should absorb just as well, if not better. But, no one knows of anyone else taking it this way. He's talked to other psychiatrists, and also reps of the drug, and no one has heard of this. So I just might be one of the first to give it ago. I've been taking this way for over the past week, and haven't come across any issues, down there. 


I'm interested in anyone else who take Saphris and how they have been on it, or if they tried it. Also would you take your wafers vaginally to save yourself from the awful taste of Saphris.

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I have to admit that this was a totally new bit of information for me. Cerberus found this link: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15236978. It really is an intriguing idea. I'm going to print this out and take it to my pdoc tomorrow.


OP, keep us posted on how this goes. I'm betting a lot of women that have problems with compliance for Saphris might find it a lot more easy to take if they didn't have to deal with the taste. 


BTW, the cherry flavor is no better. 

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For those of you who are going "ewwww" internally (I get it!), think about the way things absorb under your tongue.  The vagina is basically the same mechanism of absorption, except with no salivary amylase and more bacteria that om-nom the leftover filler in the medications.  :D


THE MORE YOU KNOW~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

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i'mma let you finish but this is my favorite thread of all time. OF ALL TIME
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Well my mind is blown, really does make sense though! :o

I'm glad it works too, I was headed to live in a group home or long term residential befire saphris, now I'm feeling near normal for the first time. Its really great when you finally find something that works and gives your life back

Kinda gotta wonder though...does it numb your vagina the way it numbs your tongue???

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Saphris has really made things a hell of a lot better for me, as well. I'm curious about this vaginal insertion thing....I'm way to chicken to ask my pdoc, he'd probably laugh, be like wtf, then agree that yes, it could be absorbed like that, and then I don't know. I don't mind the taste that much (ok, so I hold my nose while is dissolves/while I swallow a few times, and then it's all good), at least the black cherry, not sure how the unflavored would taste. Patient assistance might not give me black cherry, lol, we'll see how I feel about the taste in that case.


I am curious to hear from OP about how it's going....

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