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Lexapro and menstral cycles

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Sorry guys.....


I had been taking lexapro 10mg about 6 years ago and had to go on birth control because my periods were either really heavy or practically non-existent. My doctor and psychiatrist thought it was because of the malnutrition from bulimia. However, I just started taking lexapro again after about 5 years and for the last two months, with 20 mg, my periods have been practically non-existent or really, really short, like 2 days, when normally it's about 4 or 5 days and quite normal. Think I should bring this up with my psychiatrist? Maybe I'm making this up in my head... I don't know. It just seems really weird. 


ps. I did have a couple days in the middle of my cycle where I forgot to take my meds, but it's never influenced that much. But maybe that could be the problem...?

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It wasn't with Lexapro but my body decided it was pregnant. It started with pimples (not heaps, but enough to bother me), then I started getting really light periods and finally I noticed I was lactating. It was all a bit much and I was taken off them after my Doctor called the company (apparently it happens in less than 1% of patients-lucky me). I'd mention it. It may be unrelated but it may not.

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