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I should have probably written something  about myself awhile ago-late to the party, as usual.


Being a mother of 3 has pretty much been the focal point of my life for a long time. My husband and i were first friends, then gradually moved into something more. We are just a little family who are slightly quirky and have a gene pool that has more than a few MI's swimming around in it. Thankfully, we all do love each other and do our best to be supportive.


I grew up with an un dx'd and untreated mother who had a childhood I could write a book about and a father who suffered from PTSD from both his stint in WWII ( yes, youngest child of older parents here) and living with my mom. While I have come to terms my childhood, I do recognize my upbringing did shape who I am and why I react to things the way I do.


So...this tells you nothing and everything at the same time. I just want to get a handle on my current struggle with anxiety, depression and add/adhd.


I love chat, so you may see me there!

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Hi Tammy, I think I talked to you for a bit yesterday :) Welcome to CB, I too am a Mum of 3 and between my husbands family and mine we have a number of MI's in the mix too. I also suffer anxiety and depression so can empathize on life with 3 kiddies and dealing with those as well. It's nice to meet you.

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