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Adderall, food and length of effectiveness

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I have been meaning to write this post for awhile.  The last time I went to pdoc I asked about the extended release version.  He gave me 30mg with 30mg of the IR to give me a boost when the first wore off.  He told me the first one would last 6-8 hours.  The longest was 4 hours.  It seems like I only get 3-4 hours if I am lucky.  When I feel it start to wear of I get sleepy and tired and have one cup of coffee (the only one of the day) and it seems to boost me an hour or two (but not much) and about 3:30pm I take my 30mg IR.  I try and take the first dose between 8 and 9am. 


I have tried different variations.  Coffee at the same time is definitely a no.  Today I took my first dose at 7 and 30 min later had a carnation breakfast drink.  I have been working well and getting things done.  Definitely very focused which is very nice.  I am hoping this may be the key.  My appetite is decreased, but still fine.  How much I eat at a time is less. 


 I have tried eating before, eating after, different times from taking the first dose, not eating before or after different amounts of time.


Edited to add: I do find when I don't eat before, or no solid food for a couple hours after, I do get a bit dizzy or light headed.   Which I can tolerate if it means I function better overall.

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Feel free to tell your doctor it only lasts 4 hours for you.  This is how long it lasts for myself as well. 


See page 12: http://www.accessdata.fda.gov/drugsatfda_docs/label/2013/021303s024lbl.pdf


The FDA has stated a period of around 4-6 hours for the IR version  for re-dosing.  The peak concentration point for IR tablets is 3 hours.  So 3 hours is the most youll have in your system, after that it's slowly going downhill.


You are correct, your doctor is wrong if they have stated it generally lasts between 6-8 hours for IR tablets.  They do last that long for XR though.

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