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Does Medicaid cover a sleep study?

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Have any of you had government insurance pay for a sleep study? I've one coming up in February (far too long away as this SHIT is actually interfering with my life enough that I need it gone ASAP) and my p-doc referred me to the neurologist. 


So the receptionist called me later on and told me she'd made an appointment for me sometime in fucking February, whatever, closest thing they had, I guess. I asked her if my insurance would cover it and she said that it would definitely cover the consultation, but she doubted it would cover the sleep study.


The place I was referred to was listed on the website as a provider for my insurance, so I thought that was a good sign, anyway.


I just don't know to keep my hopes of remedying this up or not. I'd rather not be holding out for three fucking months only to find out that I am stuck with this shit indefinitely. There is absolutely no way that study would be affordable unless it's under $200 which I HIGHLY doubt because this is America and that shit is impossible. Whatever.


Anyone have that taken care of with government insurance before? If not, how much was it?


And then, do you do it at night or during the day or. . ? My problems are not being able to stay awake during the day and then all this crazy ass shit happens while I'm asleep. The problems are either non-existent or very small at night. Sigh.


Also, I can't sleep anywhere but home, I swear. Not in a hotel, not at my best friend's house, not at family's houses. I need to be in my own bed. Am I defeated because of that? I know they won't give me anything so. . . shit. What is the sleep study LIKE? You're on machines and shit? I don't know, man. I don't know.


Thanks if anyone can answer one of these things, even. So curious about it all.

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I have Medicare and Medicaid, and one of those 2 paid for the sleep study I had.  I'm guessing Medicare, then Medicaid picked up the part Medicare didn't pay.


Sleep studies ... whe I have had them done they hook up a lot of electrodes to your head ... have you ever had an EEG?  Almost exactly like that.  Then you are hooked up to a machine.  You can get up and go the bathroom if you need to.  For me it was hard to sleep because of all the crap on my head, but I got enough sleep they could use to get results (came out normal).


You are asked to stay awake from 4 AM or so, all day, then that night you have the sleep study.  You can take meds as usual unless they say not to (you may want to ask them this just in case they don't bring it up).

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I have had several  sleep studies, though I am not sure how they were paid for at this point.  The place I go to operates their lab out of a hospital.  So, I was eligible for HCAP for whatever insurance did not pay. 


Basically, you get there around 9 pm, you change into your pjs, and then a technician comes in a hooks up about a dozen electrodes to your head.  I also had something around my chest to monitor my breathing, and a sensor on my finger to monitor my oxygen level.  Then they leave you alone, and you are free to go to bed when you are ready.  The room it's performed in is like a hotel room.  with cameras.  I had a really hard time sleeping the first two times as well.  It was so bad that the technician threatened to send me home if I didn't sleep.  I did eventually sleep, but briefly.


My first study was a sleep/nap study.  Which meant I was there overnight and then for most of the next day.  After they woke me up, I had breakfast.  Then after so long they came in and told me to take a nap.  They measured how long it took me to fall asleep, then woke me up after something like 15 minutes.  I think I had a total of 4 naps. 


By the time I had my third sleep study, my fatigue was so bad that I could have slept though anything, and I slept without a problem.


I was able to take my meds the night of the study, but they asked if anything was for sleep so you might have to ask your doc about it. 

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I have had multiple sleep studies, and Medicare has always paid for them. I've never had Medicaid, so I can't tell you about that. The probably have to write down some diagnostic code that's applicable in order to cover it, though.  I believe that my internist referred me to a sleep clinic where I first met with a doctor and then we scheduled the sleep study after I met with him.  I also once had a bracelet that I had to wear for 2 weeks to follow my sleeping patterns.  The bracelet measured movement as the only time you're really not moving your arm is while your sleeping.


Lavendar fairy summed it up pretty well.  Most places have multiple bedrooms, so you schedule what time you arrive as the technician has to take time to hook you up to all the parephenalia.  I am a night owl, so I always asked to come at the latest possible time. I also asked them to wake me up last, too.  Many people have to get up to go to work so they wake those people up first anyway.  I was taking Klonopin and Seroquel to help me sleep, and I also took those at bedtime.  I watched TV for awhile until I felt like I was really tired.


There's also showers there, too.  They put some gunk in a few places on your scalp to attach the electrodes, so you'll probably want to wash your hair anyway.


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I've had a sleep study. I didn't sleep well at all! I have mild sleep apnea. I now use a CPAP. I'm hoping most of this is covered by insurance. I have Medicare and another one through husband's work.

You are connected to wires by electrodes. Don't worry they do not hurt one bit. The worst part was trying to sleep. I was worried I would disconnect the wires if I tossed and turned too much but they never fell off. So try not to worry.

It is really quite painless.

You can get a day time sleep study too if they suspect you have narcolepsy during your initial consultation. I may have to do this. The CPAP has taken care of some day time sleepiness though. Not a lot but some. But I'd never go without it again. I was sleeping 17 hours a day at least. Ugh.

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