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Effexor--different doses and side effects?

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I am on 300 my of effexor xr and have been for several months. Prior to a breakdown, I'd previously been on between 75 and 150mg for maintenance and found I had almost no side effects (except for the terrible brain zaps when I'd miss a dose). Current meds are 300mg effexor, 50mg lamictal and 50 mg seroquel. Over time I'd like to decrease the effexor back to a level where side effects were minimal. First my doctor wants to titrate up on lamictal. My primary complaints are brain fog and sexual side effects. I know that these are not as serious as other side effects but they really do impede on my general enjoyment of life.. 


Basically I am hoping to hear from other people who have had experience with effexor at various doses and what their experiences with various side effects were.


Thanks in advance for any replies.

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I have taken Effexor at 75 mg, 225 mg, 300 mg and currently 375 mg. I didn't feel any impact on my depression until I was at 300 mg for 3 weeks, and even then it was minimal. Then we added Abilify, and my depression completely went away, so I dunno if Effexor at 300 mg would have addressed my depression. My pdoc recently raised it to 375 mg (above the max dose) to address what she thinks are residual depressive symptoms. It seems to be working! I feel pretty great!


As far as side effects, well at 75 mg I was REALLY sedated. Then I didn't have side effects again until I got to 300 mg and I had really bad urinary retention. That only lasted a week though. Ever since, I have had no side effects from Effexor, and even at such a high dose currently, I have no side effects. 

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man all the antidepressants mess up my downstairs. i can perform fine but i cannot climax. its very frustrating, cuz until i was around 30 everything was fine there. i got off, then got back on and then i had all these sexual side effects which before were not there. i don't know if thats a thing that happens once u start and stop it after having been taking it so long or what. also i had to go to the hospital a couple of times cuz my heart was beating irregular.all that has gone away since being off of the effexor. effexor used to be saviour, then it turned on me.

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