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I was robbed today

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I was being stupid in short.


I'm mad and frustrated. He stole my phone. He totally conned me. I work hard for my money at to have someone take something worth something from me infuriates me. He probably has no remorse. I'm so pissed. How do I work through this? 

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You didn't do anything to deserve it. It isn't your fault.

Call the phone provider. They should be able to do something. Get the authorities involved. A phone can be tracked.

Sorry it happened to you. You aren't to blame. At all.

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How awful! I am so sorry this happened to you. When your kindness backfires like that it is very painful. Please know you did not deserve this to happen. As previously mentioned, your provider can de-activate phone and information and hopefully trace it. I am very glad you were not physically hurt!

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Know that you'll probably notice feeling a little "off" for a few days to weeks... questioning yourself, the safety of your world, etc. Maybe a little harder time sleeping or concentrating. You might find yourself thinking about what happened or "ruminating" or feel the need to talk about it repeatedly with others.


That is a really normal response to being the victim of a crime.


It doesn't mean anything other than you're having a normal response.

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