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if so with me being a drug addict and always looking for a high will this make me feel worse? whats odd is it makes me feel a lot better latly, but I feel i need a high dose because im only on 1mg. Does anyone no a proper dose that makes you get the tranquilizer effect? And I'm on risperdal

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Even though one drug is supposed to block dopamine, it might be more complicated than that.  For instance I'm on an AAP which is supposed to block dopamine, and Wellbutrin, which is an antidepressant that is supposed to promote dopamine.   For whatever reason, the two work really well for me in combination.


Anyway, this is something you need to talk about with your Pdoc.  Although you never mentioned what AP you are on, I'd imagine you'd need to be on more than 1mg to get the sedative effect.

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Dopamine is involved in how they work, but I think to say they just block it is oversimplifying. I used to take Ritalin and Seroquel together and they both worked, despite the fact that one supposedly works by increasing dopamine and the other by blocking it. It's just more complex than that and science is still uncertain how these drugs work. Even if we know they do X in the brain, we aren't yet able to say for sure that that is the mechanism by which they treat the illnesses they treat.


ETA: It's for this reason that doctors generally choose meds based on their clinical experience, how they work in the real world, rather than what neurotransmitters they work on etc. The understanding of how they work in the brain often doesn't really tell us much about what they will do for any given patient.

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