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its been a while

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hi everyone so i haven't been on here for a while and ive come on tonight because i am struggling my sleeping pattern is awful at the moment, no matter how tired i am i just cant sleep , it gets to the point where i start crying because im so tired.. anyway i haven't self harmed for a while i cant remember how long exactly maybe like 3 months but lately all i want to do is self harm its driving me crazy like its all i can think about i just want to cut but really deeply not enough to die or anything ive got all my old razors out and im looking a sh pics and i know its making it worse, but im kinda obsessed at the moment im trying to distract myself but i cant do it

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Hey Nicola, I was wondering about you. I'm sorry to hear you're struggling right now. 


Were you able to get to sleep? Were you able to stay safe and not cut? I hope so. 


ETA: I'm really happy to hear you haven't self-harmed in three months. That's really awesome. :)

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I didn't self harm last night the only reason being is that my blades were all rusted and horrible I got to sleep at about 6am woke up at 5pm and im really depressed again but I will just try to distract myself again thanks for your post :) its nice when someone remembers me enough to care :)

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Well done on not self-harming. That's fantastic.

I liken insomnia to water torture, except it's seconds dripping onto my head instead of water droplets. It's equally maddening.

This is one situation where plain old distractions help me. Anything to keep my mind off of how frustrated it is. Walking is another good one. Any way of getting a change of scenery is good.

SI is difficult to overcome because it's having to make the same decision again and again, sometimes daily, sometimes in desperately miserable conditions. Every decision not to self-harm is a victory.

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