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What was your happy moment today?


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That first cup of coffee and first cigarette of the morning, with my cat happily purring beside me, and no noises or distractions going on around me. 

Substitute my dog, Gunnie sitting on my lap and this would be an identical happy moment.    No doubt.   

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My happy moment was while shopping yesterday; I saw in a lady's cart some Yankee Candle tea lights and asked where she found them.  She said they were  no more left.   Later we were on an aisle together and she offered me one of the Yankee Candle box.   


This nice lady then wished me a great Holiday and I was surprised and happy at the same time.     

Those tea lights are expensive but at this discount store they cost less than half the normal price.   I thanked her and wished her a Happy Holiday.  


This interaction made my day and I spent the day in a good mood.   

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