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Jenny was confused in beginning.. but as you hit the 8th episode... you knew she was not right in the head..just off.and pretty manipulative and lying. She eases down by beginning of 2nd season, but her off-ness comes back.


I can't identify with just one...i identify with Dana because she kinda hides it in the beginning...and then Marina because of her intelligence and charisma...with Shane a little because she has a thing for fashion, good intuition, and has a masculine feel...well maybe the two that represent me to most is Marina and Shane.


I do like Alice. I like all the characters except Jenny because she most definitely does not have her head on right. Dana i can relate to a bit, but she has her moments of stupidity and cowardliness.

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Alice and Tina are the representative Bi girls but I have more in common with Jenny. She's obviously unstable, and she lashes out at the world again and again and makes huge messes. In moments of darkness I have done things just like Jenny. I've sabotaged and manipulated. I have to believe Jenny's redeemable. That if she saw a doctor, took her pills, and made amends she could turn her life around and repair the damage.

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