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OCD tendencies since I was 6

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Hello everyone, I am writing here to talk about some thought processes that I've experienced for as long as I can remember. Ever since kindergarten I can remember counting the letters in words to see if the word is "even". I will count the word's letters several times, finding the "middle" letter and I will often add a letter to an odd word to make it even, such as turning "interesting" into "internesting". These words will get stuck in my head for as long as several hours, even while I am busy at work. I also fold paper in halves and fold corner to corner to make perfect symmetry. When I have folded the paper as much as it will allow I will unfold it and start doing it in a different pattern. I'll do this with any paper that is laying around, even if it is something important that I must turn in for school. I have never seen a doctor for any of this because it hasn't interfered with my daily life at all. Most people just think I am crazy when I tell them about my word obsessions. I was wondering if anyone here experiences these habits and if this could satisfy a formal diagnosis.

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