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i am crazy_person :)

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nice username, right?  super creative.  i greatly dislike trying to come up with usernames.  :dunce:


ANYhoo... i am very grateful to have found CB.  i have only one IRL friend who can remotely relate to what i go through, and there are so many times when i feel alienated and alone.  i haven't gotten a total feel for the culture here yet, so i'm feeling a bit timid, but i promise i do actually cuss like a sailor, love dark humor and sarcasm, etc...so from what i've gathered so far, i'll fit right in  :)  and i'll (probably) answer pretty much any question you throw my way.


so...a little about me: i am a 30-something stay-at-home mom with a bunch of kids. i like lists...and commas, and parentheses, and smilies...and occasionally intentional grammar violations.  [my spellcheck doesn't seem to be working right now and it annoys the shit out of me.  i am convinced i am going to post this with something misspelled, and then feel unnecessarily humiliated.  :huh:  ]  i am crafty and i like to make practical/useful stuff.  i have recently gotten into stephen king novels.  i used to really like dean koontz, but then got tired of his predictable storylines.  i am a pack-a-day smoker, and an occasional drinker.  i like thrillers, comedies, and crime & medical dramas.  recent fave shows on netflix are the tudors & orange is the new black.  i am obsessed with historical fiction/"public history"/anthropology.  i write.  i have 4 personal blogs, none of which i advertise (and one of which is totally private for depositing my deepest crazy...good stuff that will likely never see the light of day).  a good friend of mine with (imho) undiagnosed & untreated BP committed suicide 2 years ago.  i miss her a lot, and in my darkest moments, i am envious of her.


not really sure how much detail an intro should have, so i'll just get to the loony parts.  i guess a lot of this will be the makings of my signature.



rapid-cycling BP2 (dx'd at age 24)

chronic depression (dx'd at age 13)


OCD (mild - "orderer" subtype)

PTSD (childhood abuse, and rape)
BPD/Cluster B (dx'd at 17, currently in "remission")

chronic back/neck/shoulder/hip pain due to scoliosis (not technically a crazy DX, but def contributes to my crazy)




- current meds - lamictal 400mg, lexapro 20mg, klonopin 0.5-1mg PRN (<-- love all of those), and buspar 15mg (<-- just started yesterday)

[previous meds that did not work out: wellbutrin, xanax, prozac, depakote, paxil, celexa, remeron, zoloft, and probably more i can't remember]

- talk therapy, CBT



and just to give you a feel for my home life...


family member DX's:

spouse: ADHD, PTSD (military-related), cluster B, addictive personality

child #1: mood disorder NOS, ADHD, chronic depression, anxiety disorder, ODD ...so basically early-onset BP :(

child #2: ADHD, anxiety/depression

child #3: PDD-NOS (autism)


so as you can see, i am totally nuts and surrounded by unavoidable triggers 24/7.  <_<

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Welcome to Crazyboards.  I ask all new members to read the User Agreement, if you didn't do that when you signed up. 


Don't be afraid to contact a mod if you need help with something.  I'm glad you found us and I hope we can offer you some support.  It sounds like you have your hands full!



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Welcome CP ^_^


Your dark-sarcastic humor-that-is-filled-with-unavoidable-triggers will fit in amazingly here :lol: many of us are also multi-diagnosed, as well as surrounded by family members who are on the MI & autism spectrum. There are several forums dedicated to the family life and how to deal with the crazy people in our lives (as long as you stay on a first-person basis ;)) along with threads on our own personal crazy sy,ptoms & treatments.


And even though you have private blogs on the interwebs (as do I), there is a blog feature here to where you can write about your crazies and be able to have other people on CB comment & give advice. Its a nice touch to the boards :)

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there is a blog feature here to where you can write about your crazies and be able to have other people on CB comment & give advice. Its a nice touch to the boards :)


i saw that...it kind of makes me nervous though.  i know this is the place of all places to share that stuff, but the content (of my private blog) even disturbs ME sometimes, and i'm paranoid that i will be discovered by someone i know IRL, yk?  is that ridiculous?  i am trying to be as anonymous as possible here, but i've been cyber-stalked before by someone out to ruin me for no good reason, so i worry.  i get my rage out by writing. 

i guess i'll peruse the other blogs to get a feel for it.  thanks :)

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CP, you can have a private blog here, too.  You can also have a "private club" where you invite certain people to see it.  Once you get to know some of the members, there might be one or two who become confidants.


When you read some of the other blogs, I bet you will feel more comfortable.  But please stay as anonymous as you like---we appreciate the fact that people want to do that.  We don't encourage members to ask other members where they live or give out identifying information at all.



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