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When should I call for help?

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I have a scheduled pdoc appointment in three weeks, a tdoc appointment in two weeks and a mental health related gdoc appointment in one week. So lots coming up.


Right now though, I am struggling. I had my AD increased last week and since then I've been kind of unsettled, waking up early in the morning and more anxious. I'm also struggling to think clearly, like almost convincing myself that I should drive everyone away from me so if I commit suicide at some unspecified point in the future I won't be hurting them. And by having contact with anyone I am being selfish.


I'm thinking about suicide a lot too but there isn't any intent, fortunately. Today I wound up SI'ing - only superficially- because I felt so bad and so agitated and nothing else was working to calm me down.


I have a number from the community mental health team that my pdoc is part of. He said I could call if things got really bad. Is this bad enough? I don't know if there's much he can do anyway, and I don't want to waste anyones time.


I'm seeing someone in 8 days anyway and the AD weirdness will probably have worn off anyway. I'm not in danger, I don't think, just a bit overwhelmed. Any advice?

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You sound really distressed. Your pain is very valid and real and you DO deserve help and to not have to feel this way!


I would definitely give that number a call. They can help you decide what is best for you to do, especially if you aren't thinking clearly.


Good luck and I hope you decide to call them!

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If it is bad enough to question whether it's time to call, then it is time to call.

Hmm, that is a good rule of thumb. You're probably right.


If I'm not feeling better tomorrow then I'll call. 


Thanks for the support. I always find it hard to make decisions when I'm overwhelmed.

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Hi Melissa.

In the end I didn't call. My mum came to visit over the weekend, which was nice and a good distraction. I think the AD change weirdness is mostly gone now, luckily.

I'm still feeling quite unwell (I have been busy lately and I think it has been too much for me) but calmer and more clear headed.

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My hunch is that the increase in your venlafaxine pushed you into the range where it does some norepinephrine reuptake inhibition.  Something similar happens to a lot of folks when starting Wellbutrin.  For some the energy is good.  For many it is seriously uncomfortable and agitating.  I'm glad it has settled down for you.  (BTW:  My first cat was called Squish.  His name was actually Gorodish after a character from the movie "Diva."  But he was claustrophillic and Squish fit him perfectly).

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Well, I could do with more energy.  :brooding: Maybe that'll kick in later?


Squish is a good name for a cat! It sounds like my nickname from when I was little, but my nickname is a bit too close to my actual name for comfort. And I like the sound of squish. I like to burrito myself tightly in my duvet so you could say I'm a bit claustrophilic too.

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