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Does anyone get these weird things that last for like a second at most - I can't quite put my finger on what it is. It's a feeling in my head like I just whipped around very fast or am falling or like you know how in movies they'll show someone moving but the do a trace thing where a ghosty image of where they were a second ago still appears while also the person is moving (like this

) It sort of  feels like i can feel that happening - almost like my body is moving and leaves my brain in the same place for a fraction of a second. UGH. I can't describe it but I feel like if you've had it you'll know what Im talking about. It sucks and is kind of disorienting and I can't figure out if it's a symptom (though I have it when I am not psychotic and when I am) or side effect of meds. Anyone expierenced this and have a better way to communicate it to someone else?
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I've been thinking about this since you posted, trying to think of when this happens to me.  I am pretty sure it tends to happen when I am over-medicated, needing a decrease in dose of something.  Or when I was trying mew meds (before the current cocktail), and they just weren't the ones for me (side effects enough that pdoc took me off of them).

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