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6 days on Paroxetine (Paxil)

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Is it possible for me to be feeling any effects this soon?


I am not sure if it's "me" or the medicine working. But I feel more calm. Not stable by any means, but definitely more calm in a way and less bothered by stuff. I noticed this after the fourth day of taking it. I believe I am on the lowest dose right now at 10mg once a day. 


Thanks for your help. c:

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Paxil is a good antidepressant for anxiety. It is entirely possible that you are experiencing some anxiety relief, but the antidepressant effect usually takes more time. Although, as others have said, everyone reacts differently to meds. Citalopram gave me almost instant anxiety relief. Never did do much for my depression, but the anxiety relief makes it worth taking.

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I took it years ago and loved it. It was the best I have ever felt when medicated. I was very sad when 9 months in I started to develop a side effect that was very rare but meant I couldn't take it anymore. I do remember it kicking in pretty quickly with minimal side effects for me.

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Thanks for your replies and feedback everyone!


I am not sure if it is helping me at this point or not. I do still feel a bit more calm and less reactive to stuff. I don't burst into tears at the slightest thing. I also notice I am much more sleepy during the day and am sleeping more (I'm not complaining about this one!)


Edit; I forgot to mention that also my suicidal thoughts don't seem as powerful and strong.

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