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anyone awake come here


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Exl from what I understand everyone experiences it a little different, some have long term memory loss, others have more short term. I have a friend who really struggled with her memory after her ECT treatment, this was constant throughout the treatment and improved as soon as she'd finished, her short term memory improved by the week but her long term memory is not perfect but as far as she is concerned the success of the treatment was totally worth it, she really was in a bad place. She also experienced disorientation and feeling a bit dopey like she'd just woken up and was in a 'where the hell is the bathroom, oh here's the bathroom' mood.


Successful treatment is common, in some cases it doesn't work but then some meds don't work for some people, and for others they're a God's send. Again we're all individual and I don't think anyone could sit there and say 'yes, it will definitely be a success '. Which leads me to my next point of follow up treatment, some people feel better for years and other the effect of ECT only lasts a few months, again it's really down to the individual. A lot of patients have success with it but for some it isn't permanent and they do go back and have more.


Compared to when it was first used ECT is safer and more effective now than ever. In the book Bipolar for Dummies the stats are about 80% success rate, with relieving symptoms of mania and depression but I don't know what country they're referring to, probably the US because they get all the cool health stats, and if meds aren't touching it then I think it's worth a shot. Common physical effects can be changes to blood pressure or heart rhythm but you'll be monitored closely during the procedure, plus you'll be asleep so you wont even know until it's over. 


I hope this helps a little? There are no doubt people on here that will be able to tell you some better stuff as they've been through it. I only have my friend to go on (and she really has benefited from it, and 2 years later she's still feeling okay) plus I studied it in college as part of my psyc course. I found it really interesting because it's always been portrayed as this horrible treatment you'd expect to find in a dingy Victorian asylum, but it's really not. I feel so bad for it's media reputation because it does save lives.

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Sorry, didn't notice the ECT forum.

I don't know if I can do this. But I'm going to end up fucking killing myself if I don't do something, and I've been on a ton of meds, did fisher Wallace, so ffs I gotta do something.

I didn't even go to bed tonight. Fuck.

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i'm sorry you're in such an awful place.  i say go ahead and talk to your pdoc about ECT.  i just finished nine rounds.  i'm not "cured", hell i'm not even totally in remission.  but i went into the hospital wanting to die.  when the sessions were over i didn't want to die.  i was still depressed, and my memory was pretty fucked up, but i couldn't imagine killing myself anymore.  i started a new med immediately after and it started working within a week.  maybe because my brain's reset button was pushed or something.  i do kinda feel like my mind is a snow globe that got shaken around, but it's not as bad as some of the side effects i've had from meds in the past.  and this feeling goes away, i'm told.  the risks are minimal.   we take bigger risks with (some) meds, IMO.  i'd recommend trying even though it wasn't a perfect success for me.  you deserve to feel far better than you do, i really mean that.  i had no hope left either.  now i have some.  i'd like to lend you some of that hope.

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