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for years i've told pdocs,



"i'm not looking for 'fun',

and i don't expect to be 'happy'...

but if you could get me to 'flatline',

i'd consider it a success."

we never quite accomplished that feat.


long story short,

hell yes i'd give them both up...

and good riddance.

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Definitely not...


I'm no Vulcan, and my ethics are guided by my emotions. Before doing anything, I imagine/feel what I expect the other person's emotion would be as a result of my action, and if it isn't pleasant, I don't do that thing. Without any emotions, I have no idea if/how I would behave morally. I'm not even sure what morality would look like. Maybe that's a personal weakness, I dunno.


Plus music, literature, art, nature, and even math and science would lose a lot of their appeal. I think it takes some degree of emotion to appreciate the beauty present in all those things. When I'm depressed and my emotions get really dulled, I lose interest in that stuff and it just feels awful. I'd hate to be like that all the time.

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Mcjimjam - A night without sleep will get you to what 'nothing' feels like (if you ignore the tired feeling, which makes it more negative than neutral).


@Drake - I'm not going to go so far as to say I don't have them, because I do get frustrated, bored, and angry sometimes but I'm curious about other perspectives. When you first wake up in the morning, how do you feel (other than, perhaps, tired)? What is your 'baseline' in the morning when you wake up?


@starship - You're surprisingly accurate. I don't have any sense of morals, but what guides my behavior is "what will happen to me if I do this?" rather than taking the emotions of others into consideration. I don't commit crimes because I don't want to go to prison, for example. I do have a love of learning, though, which hasn't dampened my interest in science, reading, or music. I actually enjoy composing it using a program on my computer.

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i admire and envy anyone capable of 'morals' or 'ethics',

but to me those have always been abstract,

subjective concepts.

despite that,

i'm no sociopath...

i can't kill a fly,

and i am considered (by others) to be a 'good' person.

but i don't think i could tell you why...

i tend towards the path of least resistance,

i suppose.

as far as when my feet hit the floor in the morning,

it's generally with a great deal of what the germans call weltschmerz,

with the occasional addition of sadness/trauma/confusion due to whatever my brain cooked up the night before.

all-night rem sleep leaves me mentally and physically exhausted.

i start every day with a quadruple espresso.

sad as it seems,

that's usually the high point,

and then it's just basically killing time until i'm back in bed,

faced with another fun-filled night.

lately every day has seemed like a lifetime...

einstein said time is elastic,

and i think that guy may have been on to something!

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No, I wouldn't.  I don't want to feel nothing all the time.  I don't like dealing with the emotions most times, but if I didn't have them I think it would affect others around me.  Personally, I don't want to feel like I am bringing someone down, ie, if something really good happened to them, and my emotions just weren't there to be happy for/with them.

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I would like to selectively give up certain one's (one's that are in overdrive like worry and anxiety) but I've been on medication that made me feel emotionless and it was as miserable as being depressed permanently. I felt no sadness but I also couldn't feel happy. Everything with just dampened with a "blah-ness" (I chose to go off that particular med once I realized how miserable it was making me).

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