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Alza concerta vs other generic

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My pharmacy has been filling my concerta with the Mallinckrodt generic recently, the one without the oros technology. When I went to the pharmacy to drop it off they didn't even have alza concerta! the original one with the time release mechanism. So, they ordered it in and I'm picking them up tomorrow morning. Anybody on either one or have been on both, which seems to work better? A while back I was on the alza concerta and it made me feel really strung out and tired like I crashed from 10 cups of coffee, and the other generic ive been taking just gives me heart palpitations and panic attacks for an hour, and the rest of the day I feel like crap. 


Also, has anyone ever sucked the coating off the alza concerta and chewed the white part? Because it gets rid of the time release, so its like ritalin.. which is 100x better than concerta

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You shouldn't be sucking off the coating on the Concerta, nobody should be, especially someone who continues to have an issue with abusing meth/stimulants, as you admitted in chat earlier tonight.  If they aren't giving you immediate release versions of methylphenidate and they're giving you Concerta instead, well, either you need something that lasts that long or they're trying to give you something with less abuse potential (or, hey, both.)  I know you mentioned that you are unable to see your doctor until some paperwork clears through, but you need to get them up to speed on your situation ASAP because this is not good for your health at all.


That being said, I have personally been on one generic of Concerta and also the brand name.  I started on the generic first.  When my pdoc found out that I was on the generic she insisted that I switch to the brand name -- once I did I figured out why.  The brand name was far less harsh on my body.  But now I'm off methylphenidate entirely and embarking on a trial with Dexedrine instead.

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