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Can anyone relate and tell me what drugs have worked for you?

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Without having tried anti depressants before, could anyone experience similar problems to me tell me what has worked best for you in the long term?


After years of soul-searching, I have come to the conclusion that I  experience positve emotions much less frequently than most other people. Also that this is innate and not due to circumstance. This is a short list of why i believe this to be the case;

- After having positive social interactions with people, when i next meet them I rarely feel a bond has been built, and that i'm starting from scratch again.

- I rarely feel motivated enough to devote energy to doing things outside of the norm.

- I feel i have a lack of empathy when talking about positive/happy things with people, yet when disccussions of more sinister topics arise, I feel i can communicate better.

- I'm likely overly responsible for someone of my age, when around my friends I am usually less spontaneous or willing to do risky things.


I've noticed my problems hinder me the most in social situations as I find it difficult to talk to people I don't know really well but again I put this down to lacking any immediate emotional connection. And so, after years or trying to improve on myself and failing (I tried phsycotherapy), this has led me to the conclusion that I am suffering from some chemical imbalance. It can't hurt to try anti-depressants can it?

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I'm not sure that being more responsible than what you think is the norm is a bad thing.


If you haven't spoken to a professional about these feelings, you should. Lots of folks start by talking with their regular doctor (GP). Your GP may be able to give you an antidepressant and that will be as far as things need to go. If it were me, that would be my first step--getting an appointment with my GP. Maybe you could start there. Good luck. Keep us posted.

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