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Upgrading from OS 10.5.8 on my MacBook--How do I do it?

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Okay, I need help from my young and knowledgeable friends.  I want to upgrade my laptop, which is over 3 years old and came with OS 10.5.8.  I went to the online Apple store and looked around, but couldn't make head nor tails of it.  They have something called "Maverick" that's a free "upgrade," but they don't say what number it is.


Do I have to buy an upgrade?  If so, how do I do it?  I just want to go to 10.6, which shouldn't be a big deal, right?


I want this upgrade because I can't download something that I want without Adobe Flash, and I can't get Adobe Flash without OS 10.6.


Any help/advice is appreciated!  The nearest Apple store is an hour away, and I don't feel like driving there.



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if you don't mind telling us - what is the thing that you want?

i get the feeling that you might be able to get away with just downloading a different version of flash, or finding a different version of this thing that will work with what you have.

i'm on a mac with 10.7.5 and have never heard of maverick - aaahh...i just checked - it's a new free upgrade.


the downside with maverick is that you need the following - is your mac new enough? if it is, you could probably download it.

i was going to be concerned about applications that you've downloaded and paid for - like adobe photoshop or somesuch - but they're all paid subscriptions and need to work with the latest things anyway.

i hope that helps you a little....we'll get you sorted, olga!

you definitely don't need to drive to the apple store for this.

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i used macs years ago, the old policy was hardware you buy supports the next two releases, which would take you up to 10.7 "lion"


"maverick" is 10.9 and is available to users of "snow leopard" [the one after yours] upwards


"lion" was about $30 when new and i think was only available online through the store, "snow leopard" was the last "buy the cd and follow the prompts" one, which should be accessible via ebay or similar


you might get away with newer, just google your macbook model [generally w/e details you have will do, like "macbook core 2 duo 2.5ghz + os x lion" will get results



i don't think i answered your question though, first google what is supported, if it only supports 10.6, search ebay for a DVD, if higher then use the app store


actually doing it is just prompt following that like all mac things is very intuitive, mouse based prompts like "do you want to upgrade, fresh install, or wage nuclear war on the eskimos" and language selection

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Thank you both for replying.  Cipher, it's an advent calender with animation.   I tried to download it yesterday, but the message kept coming up that I needed OS 10.6, and a version of Adobe Flash that's more advanced than what I have.  You have to pay for this calendar, so there isn't an alternative for me to get.


HD, I looked around more on the Apple Store site, and Snow Leopard is $19.95.  That's not a lot of money, so I might buy it.  If I find one on eBay, don't I run the risk of getting something with a virus or bad stuff on it?  I'm always nervous about putting anything into my computer that's "off-brand."


old olga :)

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Snow Leopard is one of Apple's best operating systems I've ever used.

Maverick is really new. Wait it out a bit. For $20, Snow Leopard, it's good. Back up your files if you have a separate harddrive, just in case (I forget how Apple upgrades, I think you're safe) and go up to Snow Leopard. After that is Lion, then Mountain Lion (which you may be able to skip) and then Maverick. Apple store is $20, it'll download to your computer, I suggest you burn it to a disc, keep a copy, then you just open the file, it'll reboot a few times, upgrade, and you're done. I did that when I upgraded from Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion.

Pity they ran out of big cat names/switched.


Stay away from eBay with Apple OS X disks, they are generally tailored for specific machines! For one that works on all, they tend to cost a fortune. I found this out when I was trying to upgrade my old G5.

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