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Latuda Questions/What's your experience?

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Hello, everyone. I am schizoaffective. I have posted on here about my other medications and medication switches and am always very grateful for the replies I get because it helps a great deal to have your input.


I am currently on Haldol Decanoate (the monthly shot of Haldol) 100mg/ml and lithium 600mg building up to 900mg, at which point my blood level becomes .5 (I can not tolerate 1200mg, at which point my blood level is more ideal).


Anyway, I am considering switching to Latuda. I have had problems with all the other antipsychotics I have tried, including Haldol. Please tell me, has Latuda helped your symptoms? Which ones? Does it make you really sleepy? Like sleep all morning? All day? Does it keep you up at night/interfere with your sleep? Do you have weight gain? How do you feel in general since taking it?


I have taken Risperdal (caused prolactin elevation and weight gain), Abilify (did not work), Geodon (worked once, but not other times), Trilafon (did not work), Zyprexa (made me sleep all day and caused lots of weight gain), Seroquel XR (made me sleep all day, and caused weight gain), Invega Sustenna (made me sleep all day, caused prolactin elevation, and caused weight gain), Haldol Decanoate (restlessness, weight gain, and prolactin elevation), Zyprexa Relprev (the shot--slept all day and weight gain),


I am looking for something that works well with minimal side effects, but am scared of taking the risk as the Haldol keeps me stable.


Any thoughts on this would be appreciated!

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When I took Latuda a couple of years ago, it made me very drowsy and sleep all day. But I think some people don't get drowsy or sleepy at all. I am taking Geodon and it does not make me sleep all day. The most is maybe a 2 hour nap. Have you tried Saphris? I didn't see that listed on your list...maybe it would work. Abilify did not work for me as well and caused severe akathesia.

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