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hi my name is deadman

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so im here just me, lonely, deppressed with all my little problems, full of fine promise at the begining of my life to the end.

my family is becoming unbearable. the whole toxic feeling kills the soul. a manipulative mother and father who hate their son.

at least feels like that. always call me sick as an insult for being crazy. its not right.

at least they should put smiles on their faces instead of being arrogant and evil. i feel no sympothy for them. they will die from old age and their legacy is what has been destroyed.

the things you should know about me

im not christian-i am disgusted by religion (past experiances)

i will most likely never lie about important things

i am crazy in some ways or another

and i have good quilities that god can never give you


how to deal with family that is christian and is unsympethetic towards their non christian son, who also has a history of being baker acted because of them and some stupid docters

how to deal with life


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Welcome to Crazyboards.  It sounds like a really difficult situation with your family.  Are you working with a therapist?  Sometimes it helps to discuss these issues with a mental health professional.


Please read the User Agreement, if you haven't already done so.


Don't be afraid to contact a staff member if you need help with something.



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Hello and welcome.

I've run into trouble before now for not lying enough when apparently I was supposed to.

(weird unwritten rules, mostly unwritten because they don't good put down in black and white.)


Let's assume you are crazy (not just the "anyone who isn't a Christian is crazy at least if not demonic", which I have actually met but is not a view to charge all Christians with.)  If you parents are negative and accusatory about this, it would suggest that they strongly prefer their mental image of "how things should be" over how things actually are.

The world is failing to conform to the pictured ideal, so it must be the world's fault in general and any thing or one who doesn't conform in particular.

I suspect most of us are liable to that in some degree.


"how to deal with family that is christian and is unsympethetic towards their non christian son,"

I'd suggest by being better than they are.

"If thine enemy be hungry, give him bread to eat; and if he be thirsty, give him water to drink; for thou shalt heap coals of fire upon his head"

Yes, it's from the bible (twice) but not everything in the bible is wrong just for that fact.


(an ex-Christian, which is enough to start a theological row itself, in some circles.)

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