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Saw a great new pdoc today

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Thanks everybody!


I am so grateful that everything is finally coming together. I spent a year being treated by my gdoc because I lost faith that good pdocs exist. And now I certainly know, they do. Also, I am very relieved that she was able to help pin point symptoms to the direction of OCD. No doctor has ever asked me questions regarding the content of my anxiety, therefore I never was diagnosed or treated. Another positive thing that happened is I found a lawyer to assist me during my SSI endeavor. As my case is complicated because I work with vocational rehab and they are trying to find me minimal part time stress free job, and I feel I could work maximum 3 days per week part time...but still need SSI. So I am glad I have an advocate. Lawyer said that as long as I make below substantial gainful activity level 1000 per month, I should be in the green zone. I probably wont have the job yet still, I may actually get SSI before I even complete the job search with my employment specialist. Also, my psychotic symptoms and agitation is so much better with the Geodon. I cant even begin to express how thankful I am that I found a medication that works.



I hope everyone else is doing good as well :)

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