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I have never considered myself depressed...

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Hey. I am just looking for opinions. I've never considered myself depressed...i think about depression and i think of sadness. and since i dont really feel sad....i just don't think of myself as a depressed person.


Lately though...well i feel like it started months ago and has just been getting worse...

Well I have been sleeping more. and when I wake, even after 8 hours of sleep, I feel exhausted or sick.

Like i feel sick almost every day. Something hurts or just feels off. Being someone that has always been really afraid of getting sick, and suffers from anxiety, I have just blamed it on that part of my crazy brain. But i dont know, its never been this physical before.


Basically, do you all think depression often makes people feel physically sick?


I hate this feeling everyday but I am still not sad about it. Instead im just worried that i have some underlying illness thats killing me. But my boyfriend is just fed up with dealing with it. and so am I!!!!!!!


Thanks for any opinions you want to share about your experience.  







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It could be depression - anxiety, sleep problems and exhaustion all suggest this.


Depression doesn't feel the same as being sad. It varies from person to person and it can have surprisingly strong physical effects. 


As said it'd be worth seeing a doctor - partly just in case there's a physical cause and partly to get some help coping with what is going on. No one can diagnose you over the internet but it's FAR more likely to be depression than a major physical illness.

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I think the best bet is to get in touch with a professional, they're by far your best bet.


It's really hard to describe feeling depressed when you're not currently feeling depressed (because on my good days I often brush over depressed days and think it wasn't as bad as it was purely because I'm not experiencing it at the time). But I can safely say there is a difference, a lot of people bunch depression and feeling sad together and it does annoy me. Sadness often happens because something bad has happened to you, we all get sad and there can be no obvious reason at first, sometimes for days, sometimes weeks. we want to cry, sit and stare, and it can feel like its lasting forever... but depression is crushing and crippling. I can't do anything when I hit the bottom, the dishes pile up and that's if I feel like getting up and eating, showering becomes an impossible task, you dread people talking to you or coming over because of the sheer effort it takes to socialise.


I don't feel sad, I feel nothing, no motivation or drive, I can't describe it it's like you're limbs are too heavy to move and you've been carrying them for hours. I get sad because I'm useless when I'm depressed and it upsets me because I can see it hurts people. I do feel sick sometimes, headaches are pretty common with me too.


BUT my anxiety leaves a much more physical mark, sickness, nausea, dizzy, headaches, weird vision. I was worried I had a brain tumour but no it was just anxiety. The sooner you make an appointment the sooner you can put your mind to rest!

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I always get flu-like symptoms when I am depressed. In fact, I try to convince myself it is just the flu, sometimes for weeks. When I have been severely depressed, I have spent 16 hours in bed, and felt tired and run down when I got up. Also, there is a symptom called leaden paralysis which can make it feel like your limbs are being held down by weights. If you feel like it is torturous to get out of bed, that could be going on, too.


I would say it is time to get in touch a pdoc, if you don't have one already (sorry, I can't tell from your signature).

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