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i have no support... or do i?

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every time there's a huge argument in the house, everyone gives up on me. they just flat out say i'm beyond help and they just don't care anymore. and of course, that hurts, which causes more fighting. but then they say they won't walk around on eggshells anymore. 

and when i go to my grandma because i am imagining that everybody hates me, she tells me everybody really does hate me and i need to change.

is this really abandonment or am i imagining it?

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I can understand completely how awful that feels and how that can feel totally like abandonment. Obviously I can't tell what's exactly in their heads or if they really mean it but if it's *only* said during arguments, chances are they're blowing off steam. It's hard for other people who don't really understand how we feel or really what goes through our heads. They try and if they perceive no improvement they get frustrated. Perhaps talk to them when you're not arguing and things are calm and tell them it hurts you a lot when they say that (if you feel comfortable of course) and ask them, but my guess would be it's just a way to hurt you when arguing.

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