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My names Mike, since about 17 or so I've suffered from G.A.D. Essentially, I'll obsess over bad things that might happen, or that people 'reckon' will happen. I've also suffered from thought intrusions since I was a young child (yeah, that was confusing all right).


So anyways, I was browsing about the internet looking to know interactions with my current SSRI (Cipralex / escitalopram) and a particular chemical and I landed here amount other crazy people who seem to have a similar appreciation for making the funny out of the otherwise batshit crazy circumstances (  :wall:  ) our own minds place ourselves in, and figured I'd join in!





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Hi, Mike---welcome to Crazyboards.  I think a lot of us end up here after researching meds---it was the way I found the place.


We ask all new members to read the User Agreement, unless you read it when you signed up.  If you did, just ignore me! :)


I'm glad you found us and I hope you stick around.



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