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Hey guys so my meds have been making me gain some serious weight! I'm taking from 2 months ago been 95kg to now been 105kg


Don't get me wrong i do work out but i find it hard to believe that extra 10kg is all in toned muscles lol!


now i generally as a rule of thumb do 1 hour of cardio a day with my heart rate at 150 right where it should be sweating it out followed by 2 hours of other gym weight lifting


the problem is my weight is stacking up high...


i'm eating healthy cut back on alcahol and snacks/junk food eating all fresh fruit and stuff but it keeps stacking


What meds in my list are bad for weight gain? and how can i combat this i dont wanna end up fat i wanna be toned!!!

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This is not an eating disorder.

This is just you needing to choose between or sanity or your physical image.


Rules for posting in this forum include not using numbers. And being respectful of the fact that for some of us this is a deadly illness.


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Wow what a choice.. Sanity or physical fitness... surely there is a way to sit between both quite fine and the reference was to south parks episode unless you were talking about me reffering to 105kg been fat in wich case i am sorry i didn't mean to offend anyone i just see myself that way


If there is anyone here who knows what med might be responsible for my weight gain please help, also where should this be posted???

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I don't know anything about paiperidone, but I would probably make an uneducated guess that has something to do with it. I was on two other atypical anti-psychs, seroquel for a few weeks and then Zyprexa and I gained 30lbs in about 6 weeks.

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