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invega injection making life hell?

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hey I am currently on 100mg once a month in jection for bipolar. before I started thos medication doctors wanted to give me this because the worried I wasnt be compliant in taking them (I was). but now ive after 5 months of taking this it has wrecked my life in such a sutle way.

ive been havent been able to feel any sort of 'normalness' like pleasure and to top of on that im really restless like I cant sit still feel really agitated and can get aggressive and im not even the slightest aggressive person at all.

now im not sure on what do do now. its only getting worse my now ex girlfriend has left me to give me time to sort this out and I really need any help or anyone whose experiencing any of these symptoms aswell.


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I was misdiagnosed with schizophrenia last year and was forced to take Invega Sustenna injection at 100mg a month for 10 months too. It gave me severe anhedonia and many other side effects. I have lost my ability to feel pleasure, joy, comfort, or excitement. I have no motivation or willpower to do anything and have not been able to function and lost my job since. I constantly feel restless, agitated, and uneasy. 


My last shot was on Auguest 29th and it has been 3 months so far and I haven't felt any improvement at all. I fear this may be permanent from what I have been reading so far online.


Do you have any other side effects? How long must you be on it for?

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Both of you need to talk to your pdoc. You need a professional to discuss this with you. None of us here are qualified to do more than lend support and an ear to listen. You need someone that can see you and have a dialog with you. 

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