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Sudden brain zaps for no reason?

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Suddenly I am having brain zaps lately, for what seems to be no reason. I take my meds every morning as directed. No changes. Yesterday I thought, despite having gotten a flu shot, that I had a flu but it is gone today like it never happened. Is this withdrawal from something??


My meds are in my signature. 


I can't figure out why I am having brain zaps. Aren't those reserved for withdrawal from medication, not just random side effect?


Hmmm. Confused.

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Is there any way you're taking your meds at different times on different days? Just a thought, maybe it's like a mini-withdrawal if you aren't taking them exactly x amount of hours past the time you took them the day before. Does that make any sense? I'm sleep deprived and can't tell. Anyway, that's probably very unlikely. I hope they've stopped, I had them coming off numerous SSRIs and it was hell. Talk to your doc, as always. 

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