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Srry for all the posts, just trying to learn all I can before talking to the pdoc tomorrow... Which antipsychotics have the less chance of causing weight gain or have weight loss as a side effect (kinda like paxil or topamax)? And what are your experience with them? Thanks!

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I would advise you to discuss this problem with your pdoc tomorrow to see which, in his experience, are the least likely to cause weight gain. I've heard that Geodon and Latuda are good in this department, but I have no experience with them and cannot attest to it one way or another.

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Vipress, I would like to make a comment for you to consider.


You have several serious diagnosis.  With my life experience, age, years of dealing with Bipolar 1 and other issues

the priority is finding the meds which help me stay stable.


The cost of mania, manic psychosis, paranoia, trips to the ER - that is very destructive for all aspects of my life.

My marriage, my step sons, my mother and family, my work situation - I have responsibilities which require stability.

Stability is my number one goal.

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