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My roommates suck


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I'm moving on Mon and I've ranted about this in chat, but here is a comprehensive list of why my roommates suck.


  1. They steal my food.
  2. They throw out my food when it's spoiled without telling me.
  3. They steal my food WITH my name and when it's dated.
  4. They're always in the main room all the time. Which means I have to say hi to them. Thankfully, it's a rushed and quick hi. They're usually with guests.
  5. They blame me for making a mess in the microwave when it's their mess.
  6. Roomie #3 blames me for messing up the toilet, when I'm pretty sure it was one time me, but the other two times it was roommie #4
  7. They steal my food.
  8. I can't cook in a microwave because every time I use the microwave, they complain.
  9. I can't store my stuff in the fridge because it vanishes.
  10. The eight-year-old always tries to talk to me while I'm cooking and I don't want to cook.

This house feels like a lovely blame game, and I'm not sticking around anymore. Therapists approves of the move.


Just.... I wish I could afford to live w/o roommates. ugh.

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yeah, share houses suck


can you afford a small fridge for your room?


my worst share house i had a fridge [only small] microwave, and slow cooker in my room and didn't use the kitchen other than to wash up [as quickly as possible]

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Yeah, I learnt quickly that room mates really suck, even if they appear great for the first couple of weeks they'll always grate on you in some way. I like the mini-fridge idea, at least then you'll be able to keep milk and some other goodies without them vanishing. when I was house sharing I had a cupboard in my room with food in it, and I only shared the fridge because the land lady was adamant that we weren't allowed mini fridges.


The issue then was the house pig decided she was going to take up a whole shelf to herself whilst the rest of us had half a shelf, a couple of weeks of living there and she'd encroached onto my shelf and by the end of it she'd just taken to eating whatever she could get her piggy hands on. She had no consideration for anyone else in that house and she would always complain about mess that was hers.


She tried lying to my boyfriend trying to get us to split up, she used her dealer of a dad to threaten us if we 'ganged up on her' and told her to clean her pots. He once threatened to 'tear me a new asshold' because I was so sick of her dishes I put them in a plastic crate and dumped them in her room. Then he was hit by a truck and in a wheelchair for 6 months. So I made a point of dumping her stuff in her room. She used paper plates and ate take-aways and when she moved out a week before I did, I opened her room to show some people round and the smell was disgusting. She'd shoved the plates and pans under her bed and they'd been there for months. I don't know HOW she didn't poison herself. Safe to say we got our deposit back and she didn/t


We moved out in the end and caused a huge chaos on her end, no regrets. I've found that the smaller your house share, the better it is. And avoid house shares with people that have kids. The best one I had was with an older household, they were all in their 40's and much more mature. They could be noisy and a little messy, but there was only 3 of us and it was so much better.


Good luck anyway :-)

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I've had some varied experiences with house/apartment/dorm shares, i lived in shared accomadation from the age of 19-23.

I thought i was mesy and a bit lazy, but it was shocking to see the state the kitchen could get in in my first year at University, most of these people were used to mom and dad cleaning for them and made no effort to try and learn how to clean their own things. Basically spoilt. There were two sinks full of dirty dishes all the time.


I had one place were people actually used to clean their dish's and was habitable. Then i moved to a party house, it had 12 rooms,and 2 kitchen's and you can imagine the state of the microwaves, socially it was great we had parties and went out togeather to bars.


I then moved into small house share for my third year at University, i was there to rent a room, but i didn't meet the other people because they were on Vacation at the time, it turns out that it was these two girls who didn't like me from the 1st year as i had made a drunken fool of myself in dorms, they were also morbidly obese (i'm not saying everyone who is big is lazy), they would cook their food and literally put the plates on the sofa, along with chocolate,chip wrappers and takeaway boxes, they would stay there for a few days, they wouldn't even put their dirty dishes in the sink!.


I cleaned my own plates and pots when i used them then hid them in my locked bedroom. The also completly ignored me, i lived there for 9 months and they never said hi to me once, the only time they spoke to me was when i put my clothes in the washing machine when they wanted to use it, one of them hammerd on my bedroom door and got pretty nasty (i'm not a mind reader). They also broke the microwave and one of there fathers had given them a really old one, it was like 14 years old, the used it constantly as they hardly ever had fresh food, one day i used it and and the dial hand feel off, i put it back on, they then cornered me later that day and was nasty again, saying i had to pay for a new one, i denied all knowledge of it. It was ancient and they had broken the one the landlord provided before i moved in. I hope he took it out of their security deposit!. They also locked me out when i went for a smoke at 9pm at night, they could see me through the glass, luckily i had my keys with me, but if i didn't i was prepared to hammer on their bedroom window all night.


If they weren't in classes they were literally glued to the sofa and tv, for about 4 hours in the day and then all evening from 6pm until midnight. They went out about once a month socially. They spent the whole weekend living on the sofa and i never got to watch tv ever. I left on Friday Night's to stay at my boyfriends and didn't return until Sunday at 10pm. I kept myself out of the house as much as i possibly could, i studied at the library instead of my bedroom and went to the movies with my friends. I made one effort to get to know them when i moved in but all i got where blank stares, they just didn't want me there. It was awkward because i would have to walk through the main room to get to the kitchen and bathroom.

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