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Antcyl = Anthony Darcy L

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Hi!! Yep new here. Found you all when I was trying to figure out when to take certain meds and which one was making me sleepy which one made me stay awake and which one made me feel like exercising when I KNOW I really didn't want to or have the energy to.

I'm bipolar 1, split personality, and depression. (Who wouldn't be depressed that is split between who they really are and who they think they are and which one prevails and see getting off track.)

Meds are:

Prozac 60mg

Abilify 10mg

Lamactil 150mg

Pristiq 50mg

Personal: 14 yr old son

Wonderful supportive man at least as wonderful and supportive a "normal" man can be.

Live in NC

I think that is enough here. I'm sure other posts will let you know more than you ever wanted to know about me!

As for nipple clamps I have found women with larger breasts like them more than a smaller breasted woman due to nerves and fatty tissue.

Have a blessed day!


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