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New Ipad went Blue Screen!?!?

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So, I bought this case/keyboard combo from Japan for my new Ipad. From Ebay. I know that sounds bad, but I couldn't justify spending $120 at Best Buy (which I fucking hate! They run a monopoly here and are super expensive on everything!!!!!). Although we did buy the Ipad there because that was going to be the price everywhere. But I digress.


So the problem occurred when I connected the bluetooth keyboard to my ipad. I had been using it fine for about 2 weeks-ish. Well yesterday the ipad froze and screen went blue. This occurred right after trying the keyboard and hitting a bunch of keys because it was so slow then I tapped the ipad screen a bunch of times. I think I overwhelmed the poor thing!


Now I'm scared to use the keyboard again. I love it though. So freaking nice to use, especially since my laptop is nearly dead. I like having a keyboard to type longer things.

And the case/keyboard was very nicely priced. I think $35? Compared to $120 that is wonderful! But can Japanese spies take all the words I write and see every word I type? Is that possible? I'm freaked out. And why did the screen go blue and why did the ipad freeze? It's a brand new ipad. Not an old one.


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I seriously doubt there's any Japanese spies watching you. Try not to worry about that. 


The problem is most likely that it's a cheap product and may not actually be compatible with your iPad. Which iPad do you have? There's a few different ones on the market, like the iPad 2, the iPad with Retina Display and the iPad Air just came out. Maybe your keyboard is meant for a different iPad than you have. 


That's all I can think of. 

Can you buy an Apple keyboard? Here, they're like $80 (probably cheaper in the US) and they will work with your iPad. Plus, it's a full size keyboard, so it's easy to type on. Just an idea. It would be cheaper than the $120 one from Best Buy. 

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I agree with Para - I'll bet it's a compatibility issue.     It doesn't sound bad to me that you bought it - just that maybe it isn't perfectly designed to work with the Ipad.   I'm sorry it doesn't work - what a pain!  


Japanese spies wouldn't be able to see all the words you type through the keyboard just because it was manufactured there.  

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Zagg has a folio ( I think that's what they call it) that is a case with a bluetooth keyboard.  I have one.  I think I spent about $100 on it.  You can also just buy the keyboard from them separately.  I haven't had any problems with it.  Before that, I did have an off-brand keyboard that I did have problems with.  Not sure how the Zagg keyboard compares to the Apple one.  I liked it because it was portable.  

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Well, Bluescreening is more of a Windows thing, to help a bit. :)

It did freeze, it could have gotten overwhelmed. Sometimes Bluetooth does that.


I had a Belkin (sorry on the spelling) keyboard and case specifically for the iPad (only connected to Apple products, I was kinda pissed when I switched to Android and couldn't use it) I got at Walmart for $60, regular price. It essentially made it look like a little laptop. It was bluetooth. It worked really well, and charged by USB, and had a wall charger for it. The batteries lasted ages. I gave it to the guy I sold my iPad to. He liked it.


Sometimes we have glitches with technology. It happens, its not perfect!

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Sometimes an iPad needs a reboot, just like a regular computer. You can do that by holding down both the Home button and the On/Off Button on the top edge of the iPad at the same time. Keep holding them until an Apple logo appears. It will take a couple of seconds and it will seem like nothing is happening for a while (e.g., the screen goes black), but once the Apple logo appears you can let go of both buttons.

The iPad will reboot and this clears most buggy behavior. This reboot is more than just turning your iPad off, but you won't lose any stored Apps, movies, or music. I don't do it often, but if something is acting quirky I'll do it, and it often helps.

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