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Nightmare? Spirirtual? Hallucinating?

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Hey guys so at roughly 5am every morning for the past 3 nights i have been basically stopped by my wife from getting out of bed and doing crazy shit.


The first night i was at my parents house and my spirit was dragged out of my body and this demon growled at me and dragged me around the room, my wife wakes me up saying i was screaming in my sleep "please help me" "fucking let me go"


Is it spiritual or a night terror?


The second one i dont remember but i know i was up at 5am wide awake eating food with no prior recolection? Was i sleep walking? or was it all a dream? did my meds make me hallucinate?


The 3rd night today i am writing fresh as it happened, i had a metal pole in my hand and my phone was ringing apparently someone had broken in and i was about to go beat them up, my wife stopped me from getting out of bed saying i was dreaming and my phone never rang, i can't tell if i fell asleep or not but shortly afterwards what seemed like 5 minutes i was attacked by a black dragon and used a white shield to defend myself, the black dragon could it have been a negative spirit? and was the light helping me?


I'm so confused right now it seems to be happening around 0430 to 0500 every day and i don't know the cause


I am worried i might one day smash something or hurt someone with no recolection thinking it was all just a dream? pls help me


Is one of my meds making me have sleep walking nightmares?

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