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Jumping Right In

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Jumping Right In. Because that's my style. Which is unfortunate when there are sharks or leeches or other unpleasant things in the water. 


Hi, I'm Nikki.


So about me...I'm a writer who lives in Portland, OR, home to many other writers and a vast array of creative people. It's beautiful, the giant firs are incredible and there is such a variety in the ecoculture. Even in the winter with the leaves gone it's a breathtaking view. Today, especially, there's this pea-soup mist and the trees are like murky shadows. It's like Lord of the freaking Rings out there. Nobody should be driving but they are because it's Portland. Leave that umbrella at home Mr. and learn to love the rain. 


Pardon that. I'm a little hypobuzzed.


I am currently searching for gainful employment which is difficult because my crazy is poking its head out. It's the kind that makes it difficult to do anything other than squirm and maybe futz around on the internet. Even Words With Friends is above my brain capacity at the moment, or at least concentration. There's none of that going on here.


So even though I have a disproportionate number of friends with diagnosed mental illnesses IRL, sometimes I need an objective viewpoint or some plain advice. I'm a clusterball of diagnoses which I'm pretty sure is not uncommon here. I'd like to find a support network.  Also, I'm open to book, record and movie recommendations because I love those things. Especially if they are 1. Foreign Avante Garde, 2. Sci-Fi (story development over explosions is my preference), 3. Plain weird. 4. Horror that does not involve gratuitous violence against women. 5. Film Noir.


Other things: I play guitar, make collages and drawings with images of nature and naked ladies, write, sleep a lot (at the moment), play with my cat, hang out with my rad husband, attend musical performances also known as "gigs."


So my Dx are:

Bipolar 1 with Mixed Episodes

Adult ADD



LIthium, Lamictal, Klonipin, Wellbutrin


I also have a mindfulness meditation practice and am a Reiki practitioner, both of which are important parts of my treatment programs. Come hit a sista up!!!




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Welcome Nikki!


Jumping in & sharing all can be beneficial. Like: I already can tell we will get along :smartass: We have a lot in common (the arts), as well as share a couple crazees (BP & ADHD).


I hope you enjoy the plethora of information & support here, as well as meeting & networking with some interesting people at CB :nerdy:

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Welcome to our happy home.  I ask all new members to read the User Agreement.  You might have done that when you signed up---if so, you are all set.


This is a supportive group, but we don't walk around on eggshells, so be prepared!  Check out the blogs and chat if you are so inclined.



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