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No, I don't. 


Even as a kid I was always thinking, and thinking ahead of things that might happen, and how I'd react to them/what Id' say etc.  I didn't hear voices as a kid but I did have conversations with myself in my head about things that might come up and what I would say in any given situation.  Kind of like practicing what to say for any given circumstance.  So I was constantly thinking, and thinking ahead.  I still do, along with the voices now though.

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No. I've never been clear and free of thoughts. I am always, always thinking, either in obsessive circles or (increasingly, on these meds) in straightforward ways. It's not always bad though. Sometimes it's awful, and sometimes I'm really excited or interested in something. 


have experienced, a handful of times that I can remember right now, real calm and relaxation. It's not quite the same thing as a really clear mind, since the thinking never stops, but it sure it nice. 

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I think that having thoughts is to some extent the condition of being alive. The question is whether those thoughts are obsessive and run over and over in your mind. I used to suffer badly from OCD. My particular flavor was compulsions to block out unwanted thoughts. I have grown adept at blocking out thoughts and now can do it without the compulsions. If I am calm, I tend to "zen out." If I am anxious then all hell breaks loose in my mind. I can't seem to find a happy medium.


I don't really remember how it was before because I suffered from OCD at least since the first grade in school.

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